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NAVIS February / March 2016

Sunrise super yacht Irimari

Sunrise Synergy: The Exquisite Irimari

Spacious enough to support every luxury at sea, yet trim enough to navigate the world’s favorite ports, it would seem that Sunrise Yachts’ Irimari is well-suited for a broad range of itineraries. Though born of the Mediterranean, crafted at Sunrise Yachts’ Turkish yard and delivered in May of 2015, she is designed with an unmistakably international spirit, and dressed to the nines on every level.

Introduced to the world at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, Irimari’s reception met an unprecedented 800 clients, intriguing all through her skillful mastery of space over size. It is a story President and CEO Guillaume Roché beams while recanting, enjoying the success of his firm, opening the doors at the Antalya location in 2007 in partnership with Sunrise Chairman Herbert P. Baum.

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Baltic superyacht Doryan

Red is not a typical hull color on a luxury yacht, but Doryan is not a typical yacht. A glossy slip of scarlet, her 35.5m/116ft hull is remarkable for its color as well as its craftsmanship. This Baltic Yachts custom bluewater high performance cruiser has every advantage when it comes to comfort, yet can still sail swiftly to lead the pack as a racing yacht.

The Baltic Yachts Philosophy

Dedicated since 1973 to building yachts earning the faster, stronger, lighter trio of adjectives, five founding partners have enlisted top talent to achieve designs that make for safe, easy cruising, yet perform well in a racing format. Known for their light to medium displacement builds that look to high tech materials and innovative construction, the Finnish team at Baltic Yachts employs its philosophy to ensure each yacht will prove lighter, stiffer, and faster than its predecessor.

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Feadship superyacht Moon Sand

Chic Synergy: Feadship’s Moon Sand

The Dutch have two words for design: vormgeving, which makes things attractive, and ontwerpen, which makes things work, but just one word for an exceptional yacht like Moon Sand, and that is Feadship.

An acronym created after the First World War, Feadship stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. Originally formed by six yards wanting to promote their exceptional skill to the new world. Today, the triumvirate of Royal Van Lent Shipyard, Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw, and De Voogt Naval Architects forms the contemporary structure of Feadship.

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Nautor’s Swan superyacht Solleone

Nautor’s Swan 115

A dramatic statement from any visual angle, the Nautor’s Swan 115 is designed to quicken the pulse of cruisers and racers alike. From overhead, a slim, piercing shock of gorgeous teak slips through a sea of blue. From the shore, a sleek hull shears the waves in perfect balance. From the deck, responsive control and steady speed invite play with wind, water, and sun. From the designer’s point of view, the 32.20-m/115.5 ft. yacht is an adrenaline rush on top of an already heady experience, knowing that the design not only looks good on paper but performs well under sail.

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Wally Class Formula

There are many classes of sailboats. Few, however, are as unique, nor as exclusive, as Wally Class. Comprised of owners of maxi sailing yachts bearing the Wally brand, Wally Class has its own cachet: During the four calendar events, the owners must pilot the yachts themselves.

The largest maxi yacht fleet in the world, Wally Class has earned its own division within the IMA, the International Maxi Association. Further defined by its own starts, courses, and committee, Wally Class yachts compete under owner governance, with annual rules reviews to improve already impressive competition and performance.

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Much like the world’s finest yachts, Rolex carefully crafts its timepieces to exceed industry standards of performance and beauty. Nothing exemplifies this more than Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II. Rolex’s designers built this masterful watch to meet the unique needs of sailors and yachting enthusiasts. It’s the perfect accessory for both yacht owners and people who simply admire high-quality chronographs that stand in a class of their own.

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Ferrari FXX K

The high-performance cars seen on racetracks around the world must align with regulations set by competition organizers like Automobile Club de l’Oest and NASCAR. This often prevents car designers from turning their most innovative ideas into reality. Without a chance to show off their concepts on the world’s speedways, most manufacturers simply decide that they shouldn’t pour money and resources into advanced cars.

Every now and then, though, a company breaks that mold and pursues an uncompromising idea. Luckily, that’s the case with Ferrari’s new FXX K. The FXX K is a beautiful beast designed to break aesthetic and technical norms while striving for something that’s too unadulterated to match the regulations of many racetracks.

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