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Fast, Fabulous Silver: Responsible Luxury

Silver is a white metal with an atomic number of 47, produced by nucleosynthesis in supernova explosions. Silver is also an incredibly fast, ultra-chic, high performance line of yachts produced in similarly dramatic fashion at a shipyard in Western Australia. Both are extremely desirable. One, however, speeds effortlessly across oceans, in simple, efficient luxury, intent on thrilling, pampering, and pleasing the privileged passengers on board, while redefining what it means to sit in the lap of ethical, responsible luxury.

Coming to launch with expectations built from stellar predecessors Silver, Silver Zwei, and Smeralda, Silver Fast echoes the shipyard’s signatures of aluminum construction, slim beam, and efficient operation, dovetailing in with safety, luxury, comfort, stability, and, of course, speed.reaching 29 kts. under ideal conditions, Silver Fast makes the passage from Australia to Europe in 21 days with just one refuel. She boasts the fastest length-to-speed, long-range passage of any aluminum yacht under conventional propulsion, with a range of 4,500 nm at 18 kts., increasing to 6,500 nm at 14kts.

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Azimut 28m Grande 95RPH

Sheer perfection guaranteed in this sleek, powerful yacht.

Sleek and powerful as it surges through the waves, the Azimut Grande 95RPH is the image of seaborne sheer perfection combined with Italian flair and style. The elegant hull positively slices its way across the sea, quietly and smoothly. It’s stunning profile hints at adventure, while remaining urbane and dignified. This is a yacht unsurpassed for pure style and luxury.

Every room is spacious and welcoming. Guests can truly relax on board this yacht. Windows stretch from floor to ceiling in the Saloon flooding it with natural light and spectacular views. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Saloons to be found in any vessel. White walls emphasise its lightness and clarity, while plump cushions complete with pretty Wedgewood blue throws adorn the white leather sofas providing a wonderful place to stretch out and relax. A massive 55 inch flat screen television can be tilted down from the ceiling, yet disappearing when not in use so as to maintain the integrity of the smooth design. As night falls and the sunset skies darken, the elegant wooden Venetian blinds can be pulled down to the floor creating a space perfect for entertaining.

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From Dream to Angel’s Share: Ethereal Evolution

Built to strategic high performance racing standards and the clean design eye of Wally Yachts, the 2009 launch of the svelte, 140-foot racing sloop Wally Dream captured the 2010 Nautical Design Award for best sailing yacht over 24 meters. Embracing the Wally signatures of high bulwarks, innovative clean deck design, and lightweight carbon hulls, making them both fast and easy to sail, Dream was seen by many as the epitome of evolution, with exceptional naval engineering by Javier Soto Acebal.

Wally Yachts, through 10,000 hours of research and development, created a movable ballast system specifically for Dream to improve performance while increasing safety. Eleven tons of water, pumped into tanks in three minutes and taking just 30 seconds to move from one side to the other, was a part of the design to give this 95-ton light displacement yacht improved stability. A six-meter keel fitted with trim tab was assigned to increase lift, while the draft could be minimized to four meters, allowing access into shallower waters.

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The Sporting Life Onboard Oceanco’s Anastasia

Sharing a romantic moniker with Russian royalty, Oceanco’s Motor Yacht Anastasia is, without question, an authentic grand duchess of the seas. Ruling over the marine sporting life in luxury and comfort, Anastasia’s 75.5 m/247.7 ft form pursues an active life at play with all the ocean has to share.

Launched in 2008, Anastasia’s forward-looking features and exceptional design by Sam Sorgovanni intend to carry into the next decade with a timeless profile. Fitted with every convenience to please and pamper the sporting guest, the yacht accommodates a group of twelve in an exquisite owner’s cabin, two VIP suites and three double cabins, served by 20 crew. Adventures reaching to 4,000 nautical miles at 14 kts offer ample opportunity for exploration at sea, employing all of Anastasia’s wonderful amenities with a relaxed, beach-like atmosphere throughout.

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An incredible test of endurance, the Volvo Ocean Race is often described as the Everest of sailing. By the numbers, it is a race covering four continents and five oceans, completed in nine legs with ten in-port races. The iconic race extends over a period of nine months, engaging seven teams of nine sailors each, as they circumnavigate the earth on board one-design boats, testing every fiber of a sailor’s being. All equipped with virtually the same boat, The Volvo Ocean Race removes advantages of technology and design, reducing the contest to one of human ability.

From the cantankerous, punishing Southern Ocean, to the flats and doldrums of the St. Helena high, nature’s challenges pit man against man in this arduous mental, physical, and emotional fitness test. When conditions aren’t demanding every second of attention dedicated to survival, intense navigation and smart sailing must work to steal seconds from each tack and every sail change, around the clock, for about 25 days straight on most legs . It’s not for everyone, but for everyone that competes, it is the epitome of perseverance, skill, and teamwork.

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Over the last several years, yacht owners and other world explorers have started demanding more from personal submarines. Adding a submarine to a yacht gives owners access to the structures, plants, and animals that live under the water’s surface. It’s a whole other part of the ocean that many people have yet to explore.

DeepFlight, a San Francisco-area company that has been building personal submarines since 1996, has responded to these demands by building a submersible vessel that anyone can operate.

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When Bentley unveiled its EXP 10 Speed 6 two-seater sportscar at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show, it pointed to the future of design and performance. True to Bentley’s heritage, the bespoke vehicle is meticulously handcrafted by some of the world’s most talented automotive builders. While it maintains this connection to the past, the designers included a wealth of contemporary design features, performance specs, and innovative technologies that shows how the company plans to evolve over the next few years.

The Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 is a performance car that has arrived ahead of its time. It has the beauty to mesmerize and the technology to thrill even the most experienced drivers.

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