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Azimut 28m Grande 95RPH

Sheer perfection guaranteed in this sleek, powerful yacht.

Sleek and powerful as it surges through the waves, the Azimut Grande 95RPH is the image of seaborne sheer perfection combined with Italian flair and style. The elegant hull positively slices its way across the sea, quietly and smoothly. It’s stunning profile hints at adventure, while remaining urbane and dignified. This is a yacht unsurpassed for pure style and luxury.

Every room is spacious and welcoming. Guests can truly relax on board this yacht. Windows stretch from floor to ceiling in the Saloon flooding it with natural light and spectacular views. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Saloons to be found in any vessel. White walls emphasise its lightness and clarity, while plump cushions complete with pretty Wedgewood blue throws adorn the white leather sofas providing a wonderful place to stretch out and relax. A massive 55 inch flat screen television can be tilted down from the ceiling, yet disappearing when not in use so as to maintain the integrity of the smooth design. As night falls and the sunset skies darken, the elegant wooden Venetian blinds can be pulled down to the floor creating a space perfect for entertaining.

The delicate grey oak parquet flooring and ornamented by tasteful light grey carpets leads into the charming dining room. A suspended gold leaf form hangs over the long, gleaming mahogany dining table seating 10 guests. This is truly an object of rare beauty. The slightly curved edges bring a contemporary, modish edge to a traditional style. Classic rounded azure blue chairs complement the pretty blue walls of the dining room.

A masterpiece of design with uninterrupted views

Also located on the top deck, the owner’s suite is a positive masterpiece of design. The dramatic full height panoramic windows offer uninterrupted views across the horizon. Contemporary art works add a sophisticated touch to the beautiful ivory and mocha walls. Inlaid lights twinkle across the ceiling. Soft furnishings in soft azure blue and grey create an aura of tranquillity. To the side is a large dressing area complete with two full length wardrobes.

The en suite is filled with light. The sheen of the dark mahogany beautifully complements the creamy tumbled marble surface, creating a very distinguished image. The shower itself is absolutely stunning with its glowing teak door.

Guest cabins are reached via a beautiful staircase leading down to the lower deck. Constructed in painted aluminium, it is extremely eyecatching. The elegant mahogany hand rail is offset by the backlit steps in honey coloured onyx finished in leather creating a warm, glowing yet very light setting.

Every cabin features wonderful headboards covered in ribs of horizontal leather. The mix of raw silk, egg shell varnish on the side tables and the warmth of teak create welcoming, very tactile surroundings. Contrasting light & dark materials, textures and colours enhances the overall impression of light and space. With 4 guest cabins available, each with ensuite facilties; it offers scope for owners to host small parties of up to 10 people.



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Photos: Klaus Jordan - Guillaume Plisson | Words: Angela Youngman