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NAVIS June / July 2016

Vitters 46m UNFURLED Speryachts

Vitters Sailing Yacht Unfurled: Capstone of Expertise

It’s just a bucket, perhaps, but ahhh, what elan it exudes. Just a few months after an October 2015, launch, the superb Vitters sailing yacht, Unfurled, captured the prized St. Barth Bucket Regatta pail. In short order, she topped it off with additional accolades from Boat International’s World Superyacht Awards. A yacht with superb sailing genealogy and impeccable credentials, Unfurled presents a worthy profile.

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Benetti Motor Yacht 11.11: A Transformative Tale

The Benetti Motor Yacht 11.11 boasts a most distinctive profile, leading with a dramatic vertical bow that drops a plumb line directly to the sea. Her elongated foredeck does not give a thought to superstructure until approaching amidships. Once 11.11 makes the commitment, however, the design displays a graceful wavelike sweep of curved glazing, suggesting elegant motion.

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Baltic Sailing Yacht Nikata

She slipped into the water near Jakobstad, Finland, in August of 2015 with quiet elegance and a knowing profile. Second in a line of yachts collecting talent from judel-vrolijk naval architecture, Nauta Design interiors, Nigel Ingram from MCM in Newport as project manager, and Baltic Yachts engineering and construction teams, the sailing yacht Doryan preceded her with trendsetting style and confidence.

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Baglietto Only One: A Nod to Retro in Contemporary Design

The Italian design aesthetic is one that simply defines elegance. A pure example of that aesthetic is the Francesco Paszkowski design of the Baglietto motor yacht, Only One. Together with the Baglietto Technology Department and interior designer Margherita Casprini, Baglietto crafted a sublime sculpture of steel of aluminum, made divine by additions of beautiful woods, elegant marble, chic glass, richly textured fabrics, and sophisticated style.

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Airbus H145: Speed, Power, Comfort, and Reliability

Helicopters give man the ability to fly with the precision of a hummingbird, speeding forward, hovering, diving, navigating tight spaces, and landing in a very small footprint. Airbus has combined technology with comfort to design its model H145 to do all that, and more. To the credit of its compact airframe, the H145 presents a large cabin with unobstructed views and stunning, multi-use flexibility.

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The Lamborghini brand has stood for excellence in technology and style for over half a century, yet each year it manages to push itself toward higher goals. The Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce is a terrific example of this. It mixes craftsmanship and engineering in a way that few cars can even dream of. This year, we got to learn that the Aventador LP 750-4 SP not only looks good on paper. It also looks and feels ahead of its time on the road.

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