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NAVIS April / May 2017

In September 2016, Benetti delivered its 45-meter motor yacht, Domani, to her owner. Domani remains one of the finest small motor yachts built by the company. To a large part extent, Domani’s beauty, power, and personality come from the influence of the vessel’s owner, who had worked with Benetti to build five previous yachts. Someone with that much experience knows exactly what he wants from his yacht. By bringing a clear vision to Benetti, the shipyard had a compass that pointed them towards excellence.

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Sailing Yacht AQuiJo: Luxury Aboard the World’s Largest High Performance Racer

A sport engaging all five senses, sailing inspires dreams of epic proportion. The happy elephant prancing across the kite of the 85-meter sailing yacht AQuiJo announces her intent to deliver joy, speed, and comfort, on board the largest, high-performance sailing yacht in the world. Built to the owner’s brief discussing global journeys amid luxury and safety for uninitiated guests, alongside high performance racing abilities inspiring an experienced crew, AQuiJo delights every sense of all those privileged to enjoy her gifts.

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Motor Yacht Coral Ocean: Enduring Lürssen + Bannenberg Yacht Design Milestones

In the year 1886, Friedrich Lürssen had been in business for a decade, carefully earning the reputation as a builder of high quality sport rowing boats. That same year, Gottlieb Daimler, patent holder of the first successful internal combustion engine, approached Lürssen with an idea, resulting in a commission to build the first outboard motorized boat. Powered by a 1.5 hp@700 rpm engine, the historic concept “Rems” was born. At that moment, the two men established a milepost for marine travel that would forever change the landscape of boat design.

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The Vendée Globe is without question the most challenging offshore ocean race that any sailor can undertake; 24,000 nautical miles, alone, non-stop, and without assistance. The race starts from France just as the winter gales are sweeping across the Bay of Biscay, it leaves the five big capes to port, and returns to France long before the first daisy’s push up through the snow. Adding to this enormous challenge is the fact that the modern IMOCA 60 sailboats are some of the most high-tech and highly strung racing yachts ever designed and built. The boats are a handful for a full crew. In the hands of a single person they are monsters that have to be tamed and judging by some of the incredible performances from the most recent Vendée Globe some of the sailors have indeed learned how to tame their boats. Much of the credit has to go to the designers who have come up with innovative ways for a single person to manage so much power, and to engineers who have taken modern fibers and used them to build incredibly light and strong boats.

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Lamborghini Exceeds Expectations With the 2017 Aventador S

Lamborghini has spent more than 50 years defying expectations in pursuit of a higher calling. The company doesn’t want to make basic cars that consumers crave. It wants to build high-performance machines that make the most sophisticated automobile collectors envious.

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Ulysse Nardin has been creating luxury watches and marine chronometers since its founding in 1846. The company always produces highly accurate timepieces that rely on carefully tested technology. The amount of engineering that goes into each watch is only matched by Ulysse Nardin’s commitment to advancing the aesthetic of its wristwatches.

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