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NAVIS December 2016 / January 2017

FLIBS 2016

Depending on the metrics, a number of yacht shows rightfully claim superlative status. The Monaco Yacht Show undoubtedly attracts the most superyachts. Singapore is the most luxurious. Boot Düsseldorf definitely has the most visitors. One show shines brightly overall, with a respectable in-water show of beautiful superyachts, an enviable attendance record of 100,000, 1500 boats on display, and $4 billion in products. Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the yachting capital of the world, and home to the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show.

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Heesen Superyahct Amore Mio Review

Heesen Amore Mio: Tradition and Innovation in Perfect Balance

Craftsmen from the Netherlands have long been heralded for fine craftsmanship and unique shipbuilding techniques. Emerging as the leading shipbuilding region in the 16th century, Dutch craftsmen proved more efficient than any others in the European market. Superior Dutch design was highly regarded throughout the Baltic, Adriatic, and European regions.

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SW Superyacht Ammonite Review

Imagine yourself sitting in the cockpit of Ammonite, the latest launch from Southern Wind Shipyard. There is a soft lapping of water against the hull, the teak deck reflects warmly in the late afternoon sun, and your backdrop is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. You are moored off Cape Town, South Africa and Table Mountain rises up from the ocean, its flat top, the feature that gave the mountain its name, is covered with a fine tablecloth of clouds. Your new SW82 sloop was built just a stone’s throw away and you have spent the day on the water putting the boat through its paces. Now, as the shadows lengthen, the lights at the foot of the mountain twinkle to greet another African evening and you realize that you are sitting on a wild thoroughbred, not unlike the animals that roam the plains not too far away. Your dream was to build a yacht capable to taking you anywhere in the world, but you took delivery of yacht that has a little African Spirit in it and you know that some adventures lie ahead.

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Benetti FB264 Superyacht Review

Benetti Motor Yacht 264

A profound sense of luxury is a given on board every private yacht, but in the delivery of such grandeur lies the opportunity for interpretation. Benetti Yachts translates the language of luxury in perfect prose in the steel and aluminum custom motor yacht MY FB264. Celebrating her debut at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show this past September, she presents the expertise of Italian craftsmen, designers, and artists, endearing those on board to the sea while answering every request with beauty, function, and convenience.

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Vitters Ganesha Superyacht Review

The world has so many beautiful harbors and anchorages that it would be impossible to see them all but that does not stop some sailors from trying. The thought of lowering an anchor down through crystal clear, turquoise water to catch on a sandy bottom while surrounded by tropical beauty is a thought that has driven some people to do some pretty extreme things. Sailors run to the sun in all kinds of boats, but the owners of Ganesha, the latest Superyacht to be launched by the Dutch Shipyard Vitters will be heading to their remote anchorage in one of the most stunning and powerful yachts ever built for world cruising. Ganesha is an impressive 151-feet of carbon, stainless and glass combined into something that is more than a yacht; it’s a piece of floating art.

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Aston Martin AM37 Review

Bonding with the Brand: The Unmistakable Aston Martin Superboat Leaves Distinctive Signature Wake

Legendary relationships forged between icons like James Bond and Aston Martin rarely get the opportunity to refresh their status, but this spy-and-brand duo could renew their vows with the arrival of Aston Martin’s luxurious superboat, the AM37. This high performance, 37-foot/11.27-meter speed boat was officially launched in 2015, making its on water debut at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show. Needless to say, her features proved enchanting, and her admirers many.

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Audi Q7 2017 Review

Audi has a reputation for releasing some of the world’s most sophisticated vehicles. Recently the 2017 Audi Q7 has attracted a lot of attention for its superb performance specifications, luxurious features, and safety. It’s a nimble crossover SUV that drives like a much smaller vehicle. Anyone looking for a modestly priced luxury vehicle should consider adding the 2017 Q7 to his collection.

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