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St. Barths Superyacht Regattas

It is, by geographic standards, a tiny island but in terms of impact, it is huge. St. Barthelemy, the eclectic French collectivite tucked into the Leewards of the Caribbean, maps only 24 square kilometers, perhaps nudging to 25 at low tide. In terms of people, places, and things, however, it is miles beyond destinations ten times its size.

Every March, an elite group of sailing yachts gathers here for a spirited race, The St. Barths Bucket Regatta. Conceived by handful of Nantucket sailors in 1986, the event was nurtured by a cast of many into a spectacular celebration of superyacht racing. The St. Barths edition, loosely christened in 1995, found solid navigation through its own managerial tactician, with guidance from local authorities. The result is this magnificent race that draws fans from around the globe to an unforgettable event, surrounded by a reef of wit, skill, technology, fascinating people, and a beautiful island.

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J-Class Racing Yacht Lionheart

Your first look at the Lionheart and you can tell she was built for racing. She is a fractional cutter rigged sloop with a 17meter overhand and a design straight from the America's Cup's history books. Mike Vanderbilt commissioned four designs each from two designers and two designs created jointly for a J-class yacht to defend the 1937 America's Cup challenge. The America's Cup defender, Ranger, was built from one of the combined plans. Decades later, the Lionheart was build from one of the alternate plans with a few modifications to fit the rules of the new J- Class Association.

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Superyacht WinWin

Superior in performance, exceptional in design, here is a case where it is appropriate to be repetitive. The exquisite Baltic Yachts WinWin is a functional masterpiece that proves her excellence as both a racing yacht, as well as a cruising yacht. She wins in either light.

Embracing the yard's founding philosophies of faster, lighter, and stronger, while delivering on every task as requested, WinWin is the consummate hybrid of adrenaline and leisure. Delivered in 2014, the 33 m/108 ft WinWin raised eyebrows and dropped jaws wherever she sailed, capturing the coveted Showboats Exterior Design & Styling Award, alongside the Interior Design Award, for the 30-39.99 m group. Classically clean, with an innovative employ of today's technology, WinWin is a mix of both racing and cruising technologies, making no compromises on either side of the fence.

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Superyacht Tecnomar Cacos V

Admiral Tecomar has been building some of the world's most sophisticated superyachts since 1966. Cacos V, a 40-meter tri-deck motor yacht, stands out as the company's greatest achievement to date. She has a powerful style that mixes modern sophistication with luxurious comfort. Unlike any other yacht navigating the globe, she is a stunning example of what an experienced builder can create when it is willing to take risks.

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Collection

The Spirit of Ecstasy statuette gracing the bonnet illustrates a preference for travel by motorcar. Not just any car, however. Rolls Royce motorcars are the choice of those who aspire to perfection, often receiving it in these exceptional vehicles. In accordance with founder Sir Henry Royce’s directive “to take the best that exists and make it better,” the engineering and design teams at Rolls Royce Motorcars have done just that.

The newest collection in the Phantom line to come out of Goodwood, England, the Limelight is focused on fame. The Limelight Collection, beautiful and discreet, truly understands the needs of the super-luxury motorcar customer. Named for the effect discovered by British scientist Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, as the spotlight lit up an actor on stage at London’s Covent Garden, the Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight directs attention to its passengers of privilege.

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Private Jet Gulfstream G650ER

Gulfstream Aerospace outpaced its competitors in 2009 when it released the iconic G650, a twin-engine private jet filled with quality craftsmanship. The G650 made other business jets feel like the coach section of a commercial airliner. The business leaders capable of buying the plane gained easier, faster access to the entire world.

Now, Gulfstream has released G650ER, an extended range version of the G650. The additional range makes it the absolute best personal jet on today's market. It maintains the same commitment to quality materials as the G650 while making it even easier for owners and their guests to travel the world quickly.

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Palmer Johnson 48 SuperSport - Superyacht Kahalilah

Sporting a silhouette appearing more concept than reality, the exotic lines of Palmer Johnson's first creation in the SuperSport yacht series are, in a word, dramatic. Intriguing from every angle, the 48m Motor Yacht Khalilah presents a signature profile that owns innovation in the luxury yachting world. You simply cannot stop looking.

Berkeley March's confident hand designed Khalilah to be fast, efficient, and stable. Three main lines fluidly define the hull without a single straight line in sight. Built by Brødrene Aa in Norway, the broad shouldered design nips into a narrow waist, then again flares toward the haunches, breathing architectural energy into the form.

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