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Superyacht Tecnomar Cacos V

Admiral Tecomar has been building some of the world's most sophisticated superyachts since 1966. Cacos V, a 40-meter tri-deck motor yacht, stands out as the company's greatest achievement to date. She has a powerful style that mixes modern sophistication with luxurious comfort. Unlike any other yacht navigating the globe, she is a stunning example of what an experienced builder can create when it is willing to take risks.

A Powerful Style That Dominates the Water

Cacos V has an exterior style that exudes confidence as she cuts through the ocean water. Her tri-deck design gives her a dominating height that makes her the center of attention even against the ocean's expanse. Working with Luca Dini Design, Admiral Centro Stile built panoramic windows that give Cacos V a sleek look while increasing interior space. The designers also created bulwarks that practically stand at a 90 degree angle and added a gold tint to the superstructure. The combination of these exterior features make her simultaneously beautiful and domineering. She has a sense of strength and fortitude that few yachts can match.

Admiral Tecomar used a similarly aggressive style for Cacos V's interior. Her floors use a dark color palette that mixes gray and black, creating the perfect base to show off her artwork and stainless steel features.

Cacos V's floor plan offers plenty of space. Even when filled with guests and crewmembers, she maintains an expansive, relaxed feel. Recessed lighting and cream-colored furniture offset the large, dark floors. The interior designers played a brilliant balancing act by pairing these distinctly modern features so that they complement each other. Without her dark floors, Cacos V may fill a bit too light. Without the creamy fabrics, she may feel too much like an unwelcoming museum. The decorators took a great risk with this combination. As a results, Cacos V has a unique aesthetic that makes her both comfortable and sophisticated.

Artwork on Board Cacos V

Guests lucky enough to spend a few hours on Cacos V have the chance to view several commissioned pieces of artwork. The saloon hosts a nude sculpture held in an acrobatic pose. The sculpture's beauty is undeniable. It also serves a practical purpose by separating the dining and sitting areas.

Large works of photography have been built into many of the yacht's walls and glass interiors. A golden abstract acts as a backdrop to the owner's cabin. Guest cabins also have intriguing photographs built into the walls.

Smaller pieces of art are scattered throughout Cacos V. Hallways turn into gallery spaces that hold sculptures. The central staircase makes the perfect location for abstract glasswork that floods the path with light while taking advantage of a space that most designers would have left empty.



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