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Mangusta 165E Moonraker Superyacht

Overmarine Group has built over 300 yachts measuring between 72 and 165 feet since its founding in 1985. Moonraker, part of the Mangusta 165 series, is one of the company's most ambitious projects to date. The 50-meter motor yacht combines an elegant aesthetic with advanced technology that makes her a spectacularly luxurious vessel.

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Superyacht Alloy 45m, Encore
An Encore After The Eclipse

It is said that there is nothing that moves a performing artist more than a request, no make that a demand, from the audience for more. It often causes the artist to reach deep down and bring every bit of their skills and passion into the new presentation. An encore often creates a piece of art viewed as perfection. When the almost twenty year owners of the 32.6 meter Eclipse, Greg and his wife Kay, decided it was time for their own custom built yacht, they opted for an encore. The Eclipse was the first collaboration between the Naval Architect, Dubois Naval Architects, and the custom yacht builder, Alloy Yachts. For their new Superyacht, the couple turned to the artist that created their beloved Eclipse. The result was the 43.9 meter fixed keel sloop that they appropriately named the Encore.

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Superyacht Heesen Galatea

Although Heesen Yachts was founded in 1978, the ship building company embraces many of the features that have made the Netherlands a hub for expert craftsmanship for centuries. Heesen has built over 170 yachts. Galatea, one of its latest creations, stands out for its historically rooted design and advanced technology.
There are many amazing yachts exploring the world today. Few of them have the artistic and technological sophistication to surpass Galatea.

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Superyacht Vitters Inoui

The Sailing Superyacht Inouï- In Any Language It Is Exciting.

When the Sailing Superyacht Inouï makes port or passes you in a Superyacht regatta she will get your attention. The French name translates to WOW -Exciting- Amazing and once you see her, you will never forget her. A portion of the impression is because of her unique lines, she has a familiar but distinctly different look to her and of course there is her hull with a custom designed bright green color. Among the few non-traditional color hull yachts is the Gliss, a turquoises colored 32 meter Royal Huisman-built sailing yacht. The Gliss was designed by the Naval Architectural firm of Philippe Briand, and that is who the owner of the Gliss decided would design his new yacht, Inouï. The Dutch builder Vitters Shipyard was selected to build the Inouï. This builder started in 1990 building hulls and in 1993 built its first yacht. One of its first Superyachts was the 48.5 meter (160 ft) Thalia, one of the largest yachts in the world when she was built. The legacy of those first Superyachts continues and the yard has an outstanding reputation. In 2010, Vitters Shipyard bought the U.K. Ship builder Green Marine. Green Marine was founded in 1982 and is the leader in carbon fiber boat construction. The company has built more than 160 composite boats, including some particularly high profile race designs. Green Marine is also the leader in the highly specialized sector of building carbon fiber hulls and structures for Superyachts. Green Marine was tasked with building the hull and structures for the Inouï.

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Superyacht Hedonist - Art of Kinetik

Handsomely designed, meticulously engineered, and exquisitely outfitted, the Art of Kinetik team have created a vision of excellence. Extracting brilliant performance and abundant beauty from luxurious natural materials, they've delivered a most exceptional yacht in the Hedonist Hard Top. This elegant work of art displays man's finest handiwork, dovetailing the products of form with function to simultaneously delight the eye and heart while engaging the mind and soul.

The commanding profile of the 63 ft/19m solid mahogany planing hull, strategically layered and reinforced with kevlar, gleams deeply through 18 layers of high-sheen varnish applied atop 12,000 man hours of careful sanding. Powered by three 800-hp MAN R6-800 engines, assisted by three Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjets, this fine craft speeds over water at 40+ kts carrying full passenger load and cargo, effortlessly nurturing pleasure with the hush of a smooth, vibration-free ride.

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Supercar Ferrari F12 Review

Few automobile manufacturers have a reputation like Ferrari. The company is known all over the world for designing and producing some of the most innovative car technology. The F12 Berlinetta continues this history by exploring new ways to reduce pollution while improving performance. In true Ferrari style, the V12 also has plenty of personality.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Features

Ferrari's engineers poured a lot of imagination into the F12 Berlinetta. F12 Berlinetta is the first car to feature a bonnet (Americans know it as the car's hood) that uses the wind to create downward force. This offers natural stabilization that keeps the car firmly on the road even while travelling at high speeds. At 200 km/hr (124 mph), the Aero Bridge feature generates 123kg (271 lbs) of force. Such a simple design tweak contributes to the auto's overall performance without increasing its fuel consumption.

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Luxury Destinations - Velasaru Maldives

Scattered like tiny jewels 600 km off the continental Indian coastline, the Maldives provide an indulgent, deep-breath exhale. Twenty-six atolls, strung north to south in a double chain, placidly await your arrival, hoping only to please and pamper in one of the world's most pristine environments. Among the Maldive's stunning islands, Velassaru stands apart, chic and simple with minimalist, contemporary design and post card perfection.

Less than half an hour after wheels down at the Malé airport in the Maldivian capital of the same name, mooring at the Velassaru Resort will find you amid an ocean paradise that wants for nothing, save your presence. Guests arriving by yacht are graciously welcomed to their resort accommodations, enjoying every privilege the island has to offer. The capable staff assists in mooring the yachts of its guests outside the lagoon, ensuring seamless transport to rooms.

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