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Superyacht Vitters Inoui

The Sailing Superyacht Inouï- In Any Language It Is Exciting.

When the Sailing Superyacht Inouï makes port or passes you in a Superyacht regatta she will get your attention. The French name translates to WOW -Exciting- Amazing and once you see her, you will never forget her. A portion of the impression is because of her unique lines, she has a familiar but distinctly different look to her and of course there is her hull with a custom designed bright green color. Among the few non-traditional color hull yachts is the Gliss, a turquoises colored 32 meter Royal Huisman-built sailing yacht. The Gliss was designed by the Naval Architectural firm of Philippe Briand, and that is who the owner of the Gliss decided would design his new yacht, Inouï. The Dutch builder Vitters Shipyard was selected to build the Inouï. This builder started in 1990 building hulls and in 1993 built its first yacht. One of its first Superyachts was the 48.5 meter (160 ft) Thalia, one of the largest yachts in the world when she was built. The legacy of those first Superyachts continues and the yard has an outstanding reputation. In 2010, Vitters Shipyard bought the U.K. Ship builder Green Marine. Green Marine was founded in 1982 and is the leader in carbon fiber boat construction. The company has built more than 160 composite boats, including some particularly high profile race designs. Green Marine is also the leader in the highly specialized sector of building carbon fiber hulls and structures for Superyachts. Green Marine was tasked with building the hull and structures for the Inouï.

Award-Winning Nautical Design

The 33 meter long, Sloop rigged, cruiser racer draws inspiration from classic styling of old, blended in a modern look of elegant but powerful lines. Yachts of the 60's inspired a moderate beam of 6.90 meters. A plum line bow common in yachts of the last decade retrogrades to a 1980's racing yacht's reverse transom with a long slope. The yachts of the 90's contribute a coach roof with quite simple lines to the overall mix. Being a cruise racer, the rigging was critical, so what better choice but for a rigging inspired by Philippe Briand's own design of the 2007 America's Cup. The hull design itself differs as it used a trapezium shaped bulwark. The hull was molded in two parts with the joint line just under the water level. The bottom section, including keel tower, was built in one mold. The topsides of the hull and deck were built separately as a second piece. The overlap where the two portions join provides extra protection in an area prone to damage. The final result was so impressive that the Inouï won a Judges Special Award for "Advanced Design and High Quality Construction" at the 2014 World Superyacht Awards...





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