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NAVIS August / September 2016

Feadship Superyacht Kiss

Feadship’s Kiss: A 46m Crush Worth Pursuit

A veritable heartthrob of a motor yacht appropriately named Kiss, launched with St. Valentine’s blessing on Feb. 14, 2015, is proof positive that Feadship can still create a stir regardless of size. Following the launches of sizeable stature, namely a 101.5 m Feadship and the 83 m Savannah, Kiss exhibits the versatility of their teams, benefiting from the experience that comes with every yacht built. Capitalizing on engineering strategies gained from designing and building Kiss predecessor, Como, this 152’3”/46.4m is a bespoke yacht displaying a unique personality despite the similarities.

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Royal Huisman Superyacht Sea Eagle

Royal Huisman Sea Eagle: A Global Ambassador

The second in a limited series of three exceptional yachts, Royal Huisman’s Sea Eagle soars with purpose. First and foremost, she is a capable sailing yacht built to cruise the world, but also designed to win a superyacht regatta or two along the route. Second, her generous owner, an experienced offshore sailor and highly regarded engineer, generously wishes to share the Royal Huisman interaction and technology experience on the global stage, especially in southeast Asia. Third, and this one possibly an inadvertent mission, translated through sailing yachts, this example illustrates that a successful individual with a love of sailing, engaged with philanthropic purpose, can make a difference, working to improve the lot of all humanity through his work as he sails the world.

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Wider Superyacht Genesi

Wider Yacht’s ‘Never Enough’ Philosophy: The Elegant Wider 150

Take the imaginative concept of a versatile Cybertron Autobot and pair that with the profile of an ultra-chic superyacht. Give it inspired Italian design, with a healthy dose of high technology. Then, gift it with transformative features that add space and you have the Wider 150. This is a yacht so different, so inspired, so gorgeous, it has both surprised and captured the attention of an entire industry, elevating the game across the board.

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Gulf Craft superyacht Majesty 155

Gulf Craft Majesty 155: Built for Endurance, Range, and Luxury

Quietly operating from its shipyards amid the opulence that surrounds the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Craft Majesty Yacht line is poised to crown a new king. With splashy appearances at the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows this fall, Sept. 6-11 and Sept. 28-Oct. 1, respectively, the yacht builder will celebrate the appearance of the most elegant yacht in the line, the 47-meter Majesty 155 with appropriate fanfare. The 155, accompanied by the Majesty 110, are expected to serve as the backdrop for groundbreaking industry announcements detailing the next milestones Gulf Craft intends to reach.

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The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way: Romancing Ireland’s Atlantic Coast

There is powerful energy where ocean meets land. The same dynamic forces of water and wind that summon us to sea are also at work sculpting the coastline into rugged fractals. The elements assert their influence on landscape and lifestyle, inspiring ways to briefly escape terra firma, skimming about in boats for fun, adventure, and survival.

And so it is, along the 2,500 kilometers of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, a dramatic coastal route route embracing nature, history, and civilization, shaped by the sea. Navis recently enjoyed the opportunity to drive a segment of the route, discovering Ireland’s secrets as we took a closer look at its rich tapestry of ancient ruins, maritime traditions, and abundant resources supplying sport, inspiration, and hospitality.

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Hipercar Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron: Form Follows Performance

Take a very good look at the back end of the Bugatti Chiron. It is, perhaps, the best glance most will have of this dramatic hypercar devouring the road via the passing lane. Bugatti’s dedicated team again tested the laws of physics, as they so often do. With a complete review and design of the W16 engine, each piece was examined for improvement. The result is the Chiron’s 16 cylinder W configuration eightliter displacement engine with four two-stage turbochargers, capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 mph under 2.5 seconds, with a top speed of 261 mph/420 km/h. That is equivalent to a 25 percent increase when making the inevitable comparison with the Bugatti Veyron. This speed queen actually needs the gauge reading up to 300 mph/500 km/h.

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