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NAVIS June / July 2017

Perini Navi Superyacht Sybaris

When you are one of the world’s leading Super Yacht builders and have already launched 60 exquisite yachts including the ground breaking The Maltese Falcon, it’s hard to better what was already considered perfection, but with their latest launch the Italian shipyard Perini Navi have once again outdone themselves. Sybaris (named after the ancient Greek settlement in southern Italy whose population was renowned for its pursuit of life’s pleasures) is the second largest yacht that Perini Navi have built and it’s a ground breaker in all areas from the sleek and sculpted hull and deckhouse, to the serenely sophisticated interior styling.

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Feadship Superyacht Joy

Happiness is often felt in moments when a subtle connection is made between family members, friends, and nature. For some, the comfort of the sea is the perfect venue to create happy memories. The spectacular view of blue water, the salty smell of the air, and the sound of squawking seagulls promote a sense of well-being. A young, brilliant entrepreneur had a vision to cruise the vast seas with style and elegance. So he assembled talented individuals with esteemed reputations in their respective fields. Then he fostered a paradigm shift, allowing fresh ideas to freely-flow into his concept. After much spirited discussion and collaboration, the entrepreneur’s vision was achieved and her name is Joy.

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Southern Wind Superyacht Crossbow

Crossbow, High-Performance Luxury Yacht

You are standing at the helm of the elegant Crossbow, sailing into a nautical sunrise. Energy abounds from the wind and ocean after the night’s journey. The sky is filled with a warm burst of violet-blue colors as the sun climbs into the sky. You tighten your grip on the wheel as a strong gust of wind fill her sails. The power under your command is intoxicating. You admire her long beautiful lines while cruising through the ocean at 9 knots, in perfect conditions she can reach a maximum speed of 20 knots. You notice how her design blends a sleek deckhouse with uncluttered sight lines. This allows easy movement between the helm positions and companionway, adding a degree of safety for your guests to play and when your crew performs their duties. After savoring the spectacular view, you relinquish the wheel and descend to the lower deck.

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Turquoise Superyacht Razan

Glorious is the afternoon sun as it glistens across the water of the Mediterranean Sea. The captain of the motor yacht Razan, navigates her along the picturesque coastline. Razan is an elegant 47m/154’ superyacht and her captain proudly commands the yacht and her crew. She has a bright white exterior with dark tinted windows and trims of polished stainless steel. She cruises the sea with the aura of strength and power. Her sea trial speeds were an astonishing 17 knots, but the captain knows the guests are enjoying her cruising speed of 12 knots, as they lounge on the sun deck in the Jacuzzi or sunbathe on spacious couches. A bar is conveniently located on the deck to provide needed refreshments as the guests bask in the sun and enjoy splendid views. The sun deck is absolutely lovely. The blue of the sea reflects against the timeless neutral color palette of soft whites and cream hues. Splashes of blues, greys, turquoise, and bronze are used throughout the yacht and complement each other, in any combination. The color scheme is pleasing to the eye and brings a feeling of tranquility. This color scheme is skillfully applied throughout Razan, a tribute, given her name represents peace and serenity.

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Soneva Jani - Maldives

Getting Lost (and found) in the Maldives

Wander—curiously—into a world of turquoise waters, kissed by the sun, the smell of salt lingering in the air. Maldives is a place unlike any other, and—almost immediately—it seems the kind of beauty that exists there lives up to its well-earned reputation. It would seem such a place could only exist in a dream, but who are we—as human beings—to assume it is something we even could have imagined.

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Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast is Well-Deserving of its Name

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is a truly exceptional sports car that—as Ferrari has become particularly known for—continues to push the limits of both performance and luxury. The vehicle debuted earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland and immediately drew attention from nearly all critics and car enthusiasts alike. Noted for its sleek, futuristic design and its high performing 12-cylinder engine, the 812 Superfast has already established itself as one that is truly worthy of the multiple awards it has already acquired.

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