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Perini Navi Superyacht Sybaris

When you are one of the world’s leading Super Yacht builders and have already launched 60 exquisite yachts including the ground breaking The Maltese Falcon, it’s hard to better what was already considered perfection, but with their latest launch the Italian shipyard Perini Navi have once again outdone themselves. Sybaris (named after the ancient Greek settlement in southern Italy whose population was renowned for its pursuit of life’s pleasures) is the second largest yacht that Perini Navi have built and it’s a ground breaker in all areas from the sleek and sculpted hull and deckhouse, to the serenely sophisticated interior styling.

Perini Navi’s in-house Technical & Design Office worked very closely with the boat owners to translate their vision of what they saw as the perfect sailing yacht, into a reality. With a clear idea of what the owners wanted it was then up to the engineers and builders to deliver, and deliver they did. Sybaris has an overall length of 70,00 meters, a beam of 13,24 meters and a draft, with the centerboard down, of 11,74 meters. This slender, extremely powerful hull is there to support a massive sail plan. With a main, mizzen and reacher set the total sail area is over 2,300 square meters. That, for our American friends, is an astounding 25,000 square feet. When the boat bears away onto a broad reach and the asymmetrical spinnaker is set the total sail area jumps up closer to 4,000 square meters or over 40,000 square feet. That’s a lot of canvas pushing and pulling the yacht through the water. To manage the sail plan the designers worked closely with the engineers at Rondal to create a composite electric in-boom furling system. They also installed variable speed captive winches and furling units which are synchronized and monitored by the Perini Navi Automated Sail Handling System. It’s push button sailing on an intensely powerful yacht that handles like a boat half its size.

While the power and sail handling ability is admired by those who understand the intricacies of a modern sailboat, for the rest of the world who are not as versed in the art of sailing there are always the sleek lines and stunning interior design to admire. Stunning is not a hyperbolic adjective tossed out there to impress; the interior of the yacht is beyond stunning. The open-plan layout, clean lines and custom-designed furniture made of the highest quality materials provide a crisp and contemporary style that acts as a muted backdrop to the bold works of art from the owner’s private collection.

To accomplish their vision of a unique, contemporary interior the owners contracted PH design Studio, a Miami based design company that has been responsible for some of the most lauded interior spaces both on yachts and on land. Their goal was to create a state-of-the-art yacht that reflected the owners spirit. Peter Hawrylewicz is the principal designer at PHDesign and he noted, “we wanted to create an interior that would be perceived as special and original in the yachting world.” One way in which they accomplished this was to instal titanium ceilings that would softly bounce the light to complement the muted tones of the American Ash millwork, yet the overall interior styling is so much more than just this one detail. It’s an open plan that uses natural light and incredible views to provide an almost ethereal experience for the owner and guests.




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Photos: Perini Navi / Giuliano Sargentini | Words: Brian Hancock