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NAVIS October / November 2016

Monaco Yacht Show 2016 Superyachts

Once again the Monaco Yacht Show, which is held in the south of France each summer, did not disappoint. As usual, it was a stunning array of some of the most innovative and advanced sail and power boats from the world’s top designers and builders. Each year the show seems to outdo itself by featuring the very best of the best when it comes to luxury and styling. There was so much gold, chrome, stainless steel and glass glittering in the sun that it was hard to choose which boats to visit and like previous shows there were simply too many yachts to visit them all. The yachts we did visit reflect a growing trend toward more sophistication, opulence and comfort for discerning owners.

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Galactica Super Nova Superyacht

Heesen Galactica Super Nova: Luxurious Gifts from a Superior Yacht

Just how does one go about propelling 1200 tons of aluminum superyacht at 30 knots? That is a question in itself, but further confine the parameters to moving it from zero to 30 knots in 75 seconds. If superyachts could speak, Heesen’s Galactica Super Nova would surely be lavishing praise on the team responsible for achieving such a milestone.

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Shamanna Superyacht

Nautor’s Swan 115 FD Shamanna: Grace and Power Take Flight

Nature builds things with a practiced hand, attending to efficiency and function that often deliver astonishing beauty in the process. Nautor, following nature’s lead, creates exquisite sailing yachts that are graceful and powerful, with an appreciable aesthetic that is more beautiful than ever in its new flagship Swan 115.

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Superyacht Navetta 37

The Ferretti Navetta 37: The Largest of the Custom Line Models

Less, as it turns out, really is more. Less noise, less vibration, less draft, and less wasted space all contribute to more of what matters on board Ferretti Group’s Custom Line Navetta 37. This flagship of semi-displacement yachts is the largest in the line to date, designed for romancing the sea en route to just about any set of coordinates on earth.

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Vendee Globe 2016

It’s called the Vendée Globe because Vendée is the region in Western France that back in 1989 got behind the idea of funding a new around-the-world yacht race that would start from Les Sables d’Olonne, a seaside town that is packed with tourists in summer but bleak and empty later in the year. The Town Fathers thought that this new race would help drive tourism to the region at a time when wind driven rain and cold temperatures are the order of the day. They had no idea just how successful it would become. Not only does the race attract over a million visitors leading up to the start, but the Vendée Globe had become one of the preeminent offshore ocean races in the world.

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Superyacht Owners  Luxury Gift Guide ‘16

Indulgence is one of the rewards earned with top tier financial status. Everyone’s view of what constitutes luxuries deserving of that category is different. One thing runs true through the gamut, however: that the product, service, or experience sought is of impeccable quality.

We at NAVIS have the privilege to enjoy extraordinary luxuries, not just in the yachting realm, but in the broader reference that encompasses every facet of the privileged life. As an early gift to our readers, it is with great joy that we present a selective symphony of indulgent gifts appropriate for presentation to your most important circle this holiday season. Just know that it is also appropriate to put your own name on the gift list as well.

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