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Superyacht Heesen Galatea

Although Heesen Yachts was founded in 1978, the ship building company embraces many of the features that have made the Netherlands a hub for expert craftsmanship for centuries. Heesen has built over 170 yachts. Galatea, one of its latest creations, stands out for its historically rooted design and advanced technology.
There are many amazing yachts exploring the world today. Few of them have the artistic and technological sophistication to surpass Galatea.

Galatea's Dutch Expressionism Aesthetic

For Galatea's interior and exterior designs, Heesen turned to world-renowned Omega Architects.

Galatea has an aesthetic that traces the modern history of Dutch art. It's most prevalent features evoke characteristics of the Amsterdam School, a style of architecture that was popular in the Netherlands during the early 1900s. This aesthetic uses clean lines, detailed glass, decorative veneers, and contrasting woods to create a sense of elegance and sophistication. Other distinctive features reminiscent of Dutch expressionism include Galatea's ladder windows, wroght iron, and decorative masonry.

The influence of the Amsterdam School is found throughout Galatea. Wooden surfaces, including those of bed headboards and cabinets, are decorated with visually stimulating shapes. Galatea's saloon has large doors that reach from the floor to the ceiling. Even the dining table includes decorative veneer designed by Omega architects and brought to life by the carpenters at Heesen Yachts.

Every surface of Galatea's interior is devoted to creating a coherent aesthetic that makes her one of the most attractive yachts traveling the world's oceans...





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