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Supercar Ferrari F12 Review

Few automobile manufacturers have a reputation like Ferrari. The company is known all over the world for designing and producing some of the most innovative car technology. The F12 Berlinetta continues this history by exploring new ways to reduce pollution while improving performance. In true Ferrari style, the V12 also has plenty of personality.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Features

Ferrari's engineers poured a lot of imagination into the F12 Berlinetta. F12 Berlinetta is the first car to feature a bonnet (Americans know it as the car's hood) that uses the wind to create downward force. This offers natural stabilization that keeps the car firmly on the road even while travelling at high speeds. At 200 km/hr (124 mph), the Aero Bridge feature generates 123kg (271 lbs) of force. Such a simple design tweak contributes to the auto's overall performance without increasing its fuel consumption.

The F12 Berlinetta's interior also has sophisticated features that make it easier and safer to control without limiting how much fun the driver has behind the wheel. The car's Vehicle Dynamic Assistance function, for instance, uses a complex algorithm to help the driver choose performance modes that match the road and speed. When the system detects unwanted conditions, it alerts the driver of developing problems. This keeps the driver involved in operating the car, improves performance, and helps avoid mechanical issues.