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Superyacht Hedonist - Art of Kinetik

Handsomely designed, meticulously engineered, and exquisitely outfitted, the Art of Kinetik team have created a vision of excellence. Extracting brilliant performance and abundant beauty from luxurious natural materials, they've delivered a most exceptional yacht in the Hedonist Hard Top. This elegant work of art displays man's finest handiwork, dovetailing the products of form with function to simultaneously delight the eye and heart while engaging the mind and soul.

The commanding profile of the 63 ft/19m solid mahogany planing hull, strategically layered and reinforced with kevlar, gleams deeply through 18 layers of high-sheen varnish applied atop 12,000 man hours of careful sanding. Powered by three 800-hp MAN R6-800 engines, assisted by three Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjets, this fine craft speeds over water at 40+ kts carrying full passenger load and cargo, effortlessly nurturing pleasure with the hush of a smooth, vibration-free ride.

Stylish cabins with elegant comforts align with the serenity of home. Posh interiors by Alv Kintscher embrace extraordinary materials to comfort cabin time, with slate galley and shower, bespoke china and glassware, African mahogany, and Burmese teak, all called upon to play integral parts. Executing designs with peerless precision, the metal shop, leather shop, and surface finishing craftsmen apply their old-world expertise to create flawless interiors with impeccable, contemporary craftsmanship.

Easily carrying a party of 6 for day excursions, on deck or in the salon below, and lavishly attending a couple for an overnight in the cabin with ensuite, Hedonist has an approved load of 12 passengers. The dramatic pilot's chair commands power, exuding an ergonomic style that comfortably cradles while stylishly swiveling in any direction with one touch.