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Superyacht WinWin

Superior in performance, exceptional in design, here is a case where it is appropriate to be repetitive. The exquisite Baltic Yachts WinWin is a functional masterpiece that proves her excellence as both a racing yacht, as well as a cruising yacht. She wins in either light.

Embracing the yard's founding philosophies of faster, lighter, and stronger, while delivering on every task as requested, WinWin is the consummate hybrid of adrenaline and leisure. Delivered in 2014, the 33 m/108 ft WinWin raised eyebrows and dropped jaws wherever she sailed, capturing the coveted Showboats Exterior Design & Styling Award, alongside the Interior Design Award, for the 30-39.99 m group. Classically clean, with an innovative employ of today's technology, WinWin is a mix of both racing and cruising technologies, making no compromises on either side of the fence.

A fresh sweep of a yacht, the remarkable exterior of WinWin is a chic line of form and function displaying graceful architecture designed by Mallorcan Javier Jaudenes. Versatile as a high-tech racing yacht, WinWin performed well in Les Gazelles des Mers class at the St. Barth Bucket Regatta this past March. Intending to exceed her history, she will race at the Loro Piana in Portofino this May, going up against such formidable challengers as the Vitters Yacht Marie, the Perini Navi Clan VIII, and dual Wally Yachts Saudade and Nahita.

Her speed is, in part, attributable to her lightweight construction. A pre-preg carbon sandwich laminate, with Corecell and Nomex at the heart, WinWin's hull and deck are both beautiful and easy on the scales. A retractable propulsion system eliminates prop drag under sail, improving speed and efficiency. A lifting keel allows her entry into the privacy of shallower waters many others dare not explore.

Strong and silent, WinWin is configured employing 3D noise prediction modeling to ensure every sound is hushed with only as much material as necessary, and no more. Cushioned with natural, cork-cored sandwich panels, non-structural and interior divisions exhibit excellent acoustic damping. Carbon foam and rubber cork cores in floor panels, engineered in tandem with the brilliance of the team at Van Cappellen Consultancy, further contain stray decibels. With light displacement of 77,400 kg, 30,600 kg of that being ballast, WinWin's weight advantage is achieved without compromising on design, noise, or space.

Mixing well with the maxis sailing fully-crewed, WinWin has also proven she sails well at leisure with a small crew, offering posh comforts and livable quarters. Elegant interiors by Mark Tucker's Design Unlimited team show skill in creating spaces that perform well, whether under the pressure of a racing environment, or that of an important social event. Together, these remarkable talents created a most inviting set of on board quarters that are a haven for the body as well as the soul.

On deck, cushy sun platforms, port and starboard, serve as blissful al fresco dining space, transforming to accommodate a full racing crew with room to get the task done well during regatta season. A sleek glass bulkhead between the saloon and deck effortlessly drops with tap of a button, enjoining the exceptional out of doors space with the extended saloon interior, a few steps below. The effect is one of spacious luxury and limitless enjoyment.





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