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Over the last several years, yacht owners and other world explorers have started demanding more from personal submarines. Adding a submarine to a yacht gives owners access to the structures, plants, and animals that live under the water’s surface. It’s a whole other part of the ocean that many people have yet to explore.

DeepFlight, a San Francisco-area company that has been building personal submarines since 1996, has responded to these demands by building a submersible vessel that anyone can operate.

A Personal Submarine Practically Anyone Can Operate

Most submarines are difficult to operate because they rely on complicated ballast systems to dive. The DeepFlight Dragon replaces the ballast system with newly developed technology that uses vertical thrust to dive. The Dragon also has intuitive controls that make it relatively easy to operate safely. If the personal submarine were to get into danger, its positive buoyancy would help it surface quickly to keep the passengers safe. Positive buoyancy also prevents the submarine from landing on the seafloor so it cannot damage reefs and other natural environments.

The possibility of finding oneself in danger, however, is very low. DeepFlight has equipped the Dragon with technology that makes it simple to control. The submarines DeepFlight Dive Manager uses a proprietary system that monitors the Dragon’s activities and makes corrections when needed. Since the operating system manages the submarine’s crucial functions, allowing you to pre-set certain limits such as depth, passengers are able to enjoy the wonderful world under the water’s surface without needing a professional pilot.



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Photos: Deepflight Media | Words: Matt Thompson