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Ferrari FXX K

The high-performance cars seen on racetracks around the world must align with regulations set by competition organizers like Automobile Club de l’Oest and NASCAR. This often prevents car designers from turning their most innovative ideas into reality. Without a chance to show off their concepts on the world’s speedways, most manufacturers simply decide that they shouldn’t pour money and resources into advanced cars.

Every now and then, though, a company breaks that mold and pursues an uncompromising idea. Luckily, that’s the case with Ferrari’s new FXX K. The FXX K is a beautiful beast designed to break aesthetic and technical norms while striving for something that’s too unadulterated to match the regulations of many racetracks.

Amazing Power and Speed From Innovative Technology

The FXX K marries a conventional V12 engine with an electric motor to offer amazing amounts of power and speed. The V12 delivers an impressive 848 horsepower that would, under most circumstances, make it a standout on any track. The electric motor, however, contributes an extra 187 for a total of 1036 horsepower.

What’s particularly interesting about this configuration is that the electric motor gets its power from kinetic energy. It doesn’t need a wall socket or large battery. Instead, it relies on the car’s movement to generate all the electricity it needs to make the FXX K so fast and powerful. This technology is so important to the vehicle that Ferrari included it in the name. The K in FXX K stands for KERS, the name of Ferrari’s kinetic energy recovery system.



Ferrari FXXK-1
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Photos: Ferrari Media | Words: Matt Thompson