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Interior Yacht Designer.

In 2001, Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton - a talented design duo who already had a lot of experience in the superyacht industry- created Reymond Langton studio. Both are dedicated in creating designs that are fine-looking, lovely, and functional. They also make sure their client's expectations are not only met bu...

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Redman Whiteley design was founded in 1993. Today, the company is called Redman Whiteley Dixon and has three partners: Justin Redman, Tony Dixon and Toby Ecuyer. The studio is specialized in designing sailing yacht interior and has added motor yachts and exteriors. Redman Whiteley Dixon has worked with the world's m...

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Marc Newson was born the 20th of October 1963 in Sydney, Australia. He spent most of his childhood travelling around Europe and Asia and has lived and worked in Tokyo, Paris and London. He is now based in London, although he continues travelling. Newson is a successful industrial designer who has worked across a wid...

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Evan K Marshall/Usonia V was founded in 1993 by Evan K Marshall. His studio represents all the hard work and personal passion for drawing. Evan's love for the sea began when he cruised with his family in the "Bony Joni". Since he was a small kid he draw in every piece of paper that he had a boat and in every one of ...

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Andrew Winch Designs was founded in 1986 by Andrew Winch. The studio is known worldwide for being one of the most innovative and technically competent design team. They have done some of the most beautiful yachts, jets and properties in the world.

The studio's goal is to come true every dream the client have...

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