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Evan K Marshall/Usonia V was founded in 1993 by Evan K Marshall. His studio represents all the hard work and personal passion for drawing. Evan's love for the sea began when he cruised with his family in the "Bony Joni". Since he was a small kid he draw in every piece of paper that he had a boat and in every one of them he tried to create designs that will challenge conventional ideas and offer advanced innovative concepts.

The company's philosophy adhere to the idea Evan had as a kid. They want to become true every dream the client have. Evan K Marshall/Usonia V uses particular and refreshing perspective on all of their design.

The passion they have for innovation is shown in the unique planning that his office is known for and the balanced and exterior concepts he brings to both custom and production of yachts. Some examples of this are the first tri-level Master Stateroom features on a yacht (Opus II) and the first series of production yachts with split Master Staterooms (PR Marine, Destiny Yachts & Millennium Super Yachts)

Evan K Marshall/Usonia V works in close collaboration with all of his clients so that he can fulfil all their ideas and goals for the project. He is known worldwide for creating truly personalized and inspired design solutions.

Marshall has also been involved in other luxury designs. He has done residential projects private coach interiors and several glamorous endeavors.


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