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Wallycento Tango

Wally Yachts, led by their irrepressible founder Luca Bassani, have long been at the forefront of graceful, sleek, minimalist yachts and their latest, the 30-meter sloop Tango is quite possibly one of their finest creations, and that’s saying something. Tango is a collaborative effort between the design team at Wally Yachts and the Ireland based naval architect firm Mills Design led by its founder Mark Mills. Mills Design was responsible for the naval architecture of the yacht while Wally Yachts collaborated on the exterior styling. For the interior, they brought in the renown Italian architecture and interior design company Pininfarina. The result is a stunning, innovative, high-performance cruiser racer that is sure to turn heads wherever she sails.

The design brief called for a yacht that would perform well in the light winds of a Mediterranean summer and with that in mind Mills and his team started off by engineering the structure before they decided on anything else. “The freedom to design a new Wallycento box-ruled superyacht for a client and his team who encouraged innovative thinking from the outset allowed us to create a new and beautiful solution to the many competing demands made of all racing sailboats,” Mills said. By engineering the structure first, they were able to tilt the design toward maximum performance rather than maximum comfort.

Once the structure was fully engineered the design team were then able to start creating an interior space, and they began by grouping the systems along the centerline of the yacht. The engine, the heaviest of all systems is located further forward than is normal and is positioned just aft of the keel, while the other heavy facilities like the heads and galley are also located on the centerline. This concentrates weight where it’s most needed, and it also reduces plumbing and cabling, too often overlooked items that can quickly add weight and rob a yacht of its performance.

Tango was also designed to be slightly bow down so as to minimize the amount of drag created by the wide aft sections. Mills mused that it’s infinitely easier to adjust ballast to get the weight aft when needed than it is to move weight forward in light winds. Keeping the weight forward and the bow down lifts the beamy aft sections slightly out of the water which in turn reduces drag, an important factor when seeking the best light air performance.

The interior styling is quite unlike any seen on other yachts, even Wally Yachts which are known for having minimalist interior spaces. Pininfarina’s work is not confined to yachts, in fact, they have been responsible for some bespoke projects, both residential projects as well as commercial buildings. They certainly brought a fresh eye to the interior of Tango. The main feature of the interior is the spacious saloon which is characterized by the “suspended” companionway. The stairs were designed to look like waves, and they continue onto the bulkheads as shelves, the result of which is a dynamic environment meant to mimic the ocean surface. Toward the bow of the yacht is the owner’s stateroom where the flowing, curved pattern is continued. The owner’s stateroom includes two spacious beds and an ensuite bathroom. Just aft of the owner’s stateroom are two ensuite guest cabins. In all the yacht is able to sleep six guests plus crew. In keeping with the aim of having a performance yacht, the interior is constructed out of carbon fiber with a Nomex core which is very light and sporty. The design team has contrasted the carbon fiber with wood and leather for warmth and elegance.




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Photos: Gilles Martin-Raget; Toni Meneguzzo | Words: Andrew Paniello