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The Perseus^3 Preference: Race, Cruise, or Charter

Throughout sailing history, sloop-rigged yachts have boasted the larger of sails and masts when compared to ketch-rigged yachts. Sloops, because of a larger sail size, have also traditionally been thought more challenging to handle, especially with a small crew or single-handed. Perini Navi Group certainly proved the first axiom true, while completely discrediting the latter, with the distinctive yachts of their 60-meter series.

Upon the 2015 launch of the second yacht in this series, venerable yacht group Perini Navi upholds the axiom about the mast and sail size. Perseus^3, or “Perseus cubed,” like her predecessor Seahawk, measures 60 meters/197 feet, but Seahawk’s 62.62-meter/205-foot main mast is dwarfed by Perseus^3’s towering 75.8-meter/248-foot carbon spike. The third largest carbon mast in existence, Perseus^3 also owns claim to the largest A2 spinnaker in the world at 2,602 square meters/28,010 square feet. That is a lot of polyester. To be exact, 3,200 yards of it.

Without question, Seahawk is a superb yacht with exceptional skills. Perini Navi, however, in diligent pursuit of Fabio Perini’s vision, and in agreement with the Perseus^3 client, continually drives toward intuitive, creative, technical strategies. The mission to deliver large sailing yachts that are easily managed by limited crew, or even better, one person, is built into Perini Navi’s DNA.

Born of the same series, Seahawk is a ketch. Perseus^3 is a sloop. Both display a number of ingenious details and technologies that surprise and delight. Perseus^3 is an avid race boat, but also behaves beautifully as a cruiser for the owner’s young family, illustrating the ease with which she sails.

Ketches are considered faster in light winds. Sloops are impressive upwind sailors with an advantage in wind angle. Does one outperform the other? Before taking sides, consider the details.

Divine Conception to Engineered Excellence

Perini Navi clearly understood the client request not to compromise on the desire for a luxury sailing yacht with outstanding qualities as a racing, cruising, and chartering vessel. A previous Perini Navi owner, he knew this team would be up for the triple challenge.

Handling the design task with Ron Holland, Perini Navi set about designing Perseus^3’s aluminum hull to be built at the Perini Navi yard in Yildiz, Turkey. Considering where weight and strength might benefit most from carbon fiber, the team devised a new set of standards for this exceptional yacht. Future Fibres, a company paralleling Perini Navi’s hunger for innovation and high performance, took on the massive 16.4 ton mast. The third largest in the world, Future Fibers designed it to support massive sails, which meant the sail wardrobe would need a redesign



Perini Navi Perseus^3 L-1
Perini Navi Perseus^3 L-10
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Photos: Perini Navi Media | Words: K. L. Turner