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Unicorn, Magnificent Motor Yacht

The night sky is black, and only a hint of moonlight spills through thunderous dark skies. Mystery and intrigue fill the air as she purposely forges through turbulent seas. Emerging from the storm, we see her as a beautiful and rare creature. She is Unicorn, a 55m/177’ custom motor yacht, designed to satisfy the wishes of her European Owner. In 2016, she was launched from Baglietto S.p.A’s shipyard in La Spezia, Italy. It was an exciting ceremony where her Owner, civil, military, and the shipyard’s personnel were present. Following her release to the deep blue ocean, she begins her quest to travel the world.


Baglietto has a long, impressive heritage that began over 150 years ago. Each yacht produced from the shipyard is stamped with a touch of Baglietto nostalgia. The company was founded by a young man, Pietro Baglietto, who began building boats in his backyard at the age of thirteen. The company became part of the Beniamino Gavio’s Group in 2012. Since then, Baglietto has experienced a resurgence in the industry, and Baglietto states that Unicorn represents the future direction of projects planned for the shipyard. Francesco Paszkowski is responsible for the exterior design while he partnered with Margherita Casprini for the interior design. Unicorn’s naval engineering is by Baglietto and project management was the responsibility of Wim Koersvelt. Baglietto and Paszkowski began working together in 1992 when Paszkowski designed his very first 29m boat, Opus 1. He enriches the Baglietto heritage, by bringing his own passion and perspective for the industry. Paszkowski was born in Milan and worked with his father, Giovanni. Eventually, moving into the next phase of his education, he became a pupil of renowned architect Pierluigi Spadolini. With the lessons learned beginning at an early age, he started his firm where he could develop his own sense of style and approach to projects. As a noteworthy point, Paszkowski partners with the Politecnico University of Milan to host educational programs for young designers.

Paszkowski tells us that Unicorn is cultivated through many years of collaboration between himself and Baglietto. He explains that inspiration from the yachts, 2009 Baraka and the 2007 Gitana, were a primary basis for the design and heavily contributed to the designing result of Unicorn. Several elements of style were re-engineered to introduce current designs for the wheelhouse windows, having them rake forward instead of aft. Gunwale heights on the main deck are reduced, allowing wider windows in the living areas. An aspect of the superyacht to be appreciated by the Owner and guests alike. The layout of the upper deck was reorganized, creating a layout amenable to relaxation and social gatherings. The roll-bar was also redesigned and creates an overhang providing shade to the sundeck. The tenders have been moved to the foredeck with accommodations for their storage and the placement of a crane. Paszkowski is complementary of the Baglietto dedication to respond to the needs of the owners and believes the future of the yard continues to be bright.




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Photos: Baglietto Media | Words: Laken Shelby