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Baglietto Superyacht Andiamo

Italian superyacht builder Baglietto has been creating high-quality watercraft since 1854, and Andiamo is yet another demonstration of the company’s well-earned reputation. The 48m beauty is constructed primarily of steel and aluminum, and the synergy between Francesco Paszkowski Design, architect Margherita Casprini, and Baglietto is truly remarkable.

The interior of the yacht features over 340 square meters of luxury areas, six tastefully arranged cabins, and ample access to open air. One area of the yacht that Baglietto particularly pride themselves in is the main deck. The main deck juxtaposes beautiful ebony and white carpet, and is well-equipped with custom furniture, various light features, and numerous impressive architectural innovations throughout.

The lower deck features five of the guest cabins, aft garage, and plenty of luxury accommodations. Additionally, the lower deck includes a bar and beach platform that make it the perfect yacht for an exciting afternoon spent with friends.

The upper deck, sun deck, and sky lounge are each quite impressive. Once you are up top, you will have access to plenty of stunning views, a custom-built cinema room, and two very welcoming terraces. The 140 square meters of outdoor space also offers access to a grill, coffee bar, and an infinity pool with a waterfall.

Additionally, the Telemar-equipped bridge features a wide variety of control and navigation features that enable the yacht to perform remarkably well. The twin MTU engines found below allow Andiamo to reach a top speed of 16 knots. The ship, overall, is a perfect example of Baglietto’s capabilities, and the company is already working on another 48-meter model that is expected to be completed soon.


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