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In the wake of the devastating Hurricane Irma, NAVIS Magazine is partnering with BWA Yachting to provide assistance to those affected by the storm that hit the Caribbean and United States this week. We provide this donation service to help direct your funds to the most effective recovery efforts with the highest local impact.

Hurricane Irma swept across Barbuda, Antigua, St. Barths, St. Maarten, St. Martin, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, Cuba, and Florida causing loss of life, a complete halt to essential services, and massive damage to property. Irma continues her path toward Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee where she is expected to dissipate over the next three days. Her fury discriminated against none. Millions fled the storm’s catastrophic winds, floods, and tornados while others were forced to ride out the storm in their homes or local shelters with limited supplies. As each local town and its residents assess their damage and begin to resume their lives, we support their efforts through generous donations of any amount.

Hurricane Irma originated off the coast of South Africa and spun her way across the Atlantic, through the Caribbean on September 8, 2017, then slammed into the southern United States on September 10th. Damage estimates are already upwards of one hundred billion dollars across all affected areas. Irma is one of the strongest storms on record and began with sustained winds over 156 mph, ranking her as a powerful Category 5 hurricane. By the time she reached the Caribbean and then Florida coastline, her winds were a pounding 130-156 mph where she landed with the force of a catastrophic Category 4 storm. She traveled north through Florida, and when she reached Tampa, about the center of the state, she was downgraded to a Category 1 having sustained winds between 74-95 mph.

Join us in providing relief to those that have been impacted by Hurricane Irma. Food, water, shelter, medicine, and other critical needs are waiting to be fulfilled by helping hands. Any donation, large or small, will be used for the recovery and rebuilding of those suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Your donations are greatly appreciated.
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