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Tanoka Yachts is a “Boutique Shipyard” that is entering its ninth year of producing some of the highest quality yachts in the world with a unique multicultural approach to designing that incorporates the best features of numerous unique cultures. The Italian based company prides itself in its dedication to luxury and obsession to detail, and—having received numerous awards in the past decade—is proud to announce the recently successful sea trials of Vertige.

Vertige is a 50m beauty that was launched in February of this year and successfully delivered in April. The concept and exterior design were both a product of the creative imagination of Francesco Paszkowski, and—along with the efforts of Paszkowski—the interior design was collaboratively made with Margherita Casprini. The hard work of these two world class yacht designers has certainly paid off; thus far, the sea trials have gone even better than expected and Vertige has been attracting the attention of boat owners and enthusiasts across the world.

What has made Vertige a uniquely high-performing vessel has been its ability to handle a variety of trial obstacles and overcome relatively troubling waters. Furthermore, the yacht has consistently demonstrated an ability to reach a top of speed of 16.5 knots while carrying a 60% load. The company claims she has exceeded even their own optimistic expectations and credits such success to their dedication to high-performance and ample synergy existing between the design team, the captains, and the business end of the production process.

Ultimately, it seems there is really no limit as to what Vertige (a part of the S501 project that has gained admiration from a variety of parties) can do. This boat is one that is capable of sailing almost anywhere in the world and has been performing above or on par with seemingly every other vessel in her class. Beyond its impressive performance numbers and results, the boat’s makers pride themselves in a unique design they believe distinguishes it from most comparable boats on the market.

This six cabin yacht is a distinct demonstration of the intersection of luxury and simplicity with a very fluid interior that is seamlessly incorporated with the exterior. Amenities include a personal gym, home cinema, two jet-ski tenders, and numerous others. Per the specific request of the owner the yacht is a prime demonstration of the “modern but warm”, and the look itself is truly timeless.

Considering the top speed of 16.5 knots, the high-performance results during sea trials, the 499 gross ton package, and the tremendous amount of luxurious amenities on board, it seems such a boat would need to be upwards of 60m-70m in order to achieve this level of quality. But—because of the dedication of a hard-working, experienced, and knowledgeable team—these results have been achieved in a boat that is just 50m, and ultimately, Vertige can distinguish itself as one of the greatest boats of its size in the world.