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Rossinavi has earned its reputation as one of the premier Italian shipbuilders for a reason; their dedication to both luxury and performance have produced some of the finest ships in the world. One of the newest Rossinavi boats, the N2H—which is apparently a shorthand for “Nice to Have”—set sail out of Pisa on April 29th and has since been craving to explore the world.

Both the interior and exterior of this beautiful piece of craftsmanship were designed by the world-renowned Enrico Gobbi design team, and this 48.5m beauty has been a high-performing spectacle worth experiencing first hand. The boat can carry nearly 500 gross tons of weight—a relatively impressive number considering its size—and furthermore, it has demonstrated an ability to cruise at speeds over 15 knots consistently. The predominantly blue exterior causes the ship to stand out in ports where most boats are white, and its luxurious interior provides an even further point of distinction that cannot be ignored.

The N2H, truly, seems to be a boat that is indeed nice to have, and it is a prime demonstration of Rossinavi’s dedication to producing high-quality watercraft. The Rossi brothers first began building boats in 1980 and quickly earned respect as a family of dedicated shipbuilders. As time went on, the brothers further enhanced their collective expertise, and beyond the production of high-functioning boats, they began to focus on luxury. The Rossinavi brand was formally established in 2007, building off of a nearly three-decade legacy of productive functionality. The company has produced numerous luxury yachts—primarily within the range of 40-70m—and have prided themselves with the honorable distinction of being the only family owned and operated superyacht company in all of Italy.

Though it has been centuries since the Italian Renaissance bore witness to the works of Di Vinci, Michelangelo, and numerous other unprecedented artists, the principles that inspired such a remarkable era of artistry are still instilled in the Italian people, and profoundly demonstrated in their work. The attention to detail and obsession with the pursuit of perfection that characterizes Renaissance have been adopted by Rossinavi, and are particularly reflected in the N2H. Even just a brief glimpsing of the boat’s exterior show a willingness to obsess over detail in every inch of the boat; its smooth and elegant design is almost erotic in nature.

The N2H, it seems, is a perfect example of the idea that this is—in fact—the golden age of yachting. 2017 is a year that has already witnessed the successful debut and sailing of a wide variety of new yachts, and the N2H demonstrates that high functionality (at the rate of 15 knots) combined with luxury are both very achievable and necessary pursuits.