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The Lurssen company of shipbuilders is proud to announce the successful delivery of the superyacht Aurora to her owners, and she is already readily equipped and prepared to begin exploring the open waters existing before her. She recently successfully completed her sea trials sailing around the Baltic just East of Sweden, and now she is amply ready to begin voyaging across the world.

This 74m yacht departed for her maiden voyage in the middle of June and will spend the remainder of her summer exploring the Mediterranean after having sailed from Northern Europe to Southern Europe at a relatively brisk pace. Lurssen employed the (UK based) Winch Design team to design both the interior and the exterior of Aurora, and—as has typically been the case with Winch Design—their dedicated staff did not disappoint with the results.

The boat herself tasteful employs an art-deco theme, reminiscent of the transcendental design style that was popularized in 1920s France, but still reflective of the modern amenities that has truly made this era a contemporary golden age of boating. The owner was heavily involved in the design process, and the impressive art collection provided by the owner has been tastefully incorporated throughout the boat’s entire interior. The interior is designed to incorporate the best of the old and the best of the new; mahogany and stainless steel are juxtaposed to create a truly timeless look that is worthy of being shown off around the world.

The project name for designing the Aurora was Project Gatsby, which is appropriate considering F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character would certainly demand a bespoke design that exudes class and sophistication. The Aurora is a multi-deck yacht with ample of windows on every deck that allows for open views of the ocean, and furthermore, its bow deck is particularly prominent and ready to be enjoyed. Art deco was particularly popular during the Great Gatsby era as a comprehensive style that sought to unite American industrialism with European elegance while simultaneously focusing on both form and function. The Aurora, even at first glance, is a perfect example of how such a style can still be well-integrated even a century later.

Ultimately, this yacht is one that can be expected to be highly desired and competitive at yacht shows around the world. The initial sea trials have indeed been successful, and the builders, the designers, and the owners are all quite excited to see how she fares over time. Aurora’s rich design and success at seas will certainly allow her to live up to her high expectations.