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One of the most anticipated yachts produced by Hessen shipyard—YN 17947 Book Ends—was christened this past month, on June 13th and successfully delivered to her American owners. This 47m beauty has an epic summer ahead of her; she plans to cross the Atlantic to sail around the Mediterranean during peak yachting season, and by the end of the summer, make one more trans-Atlantic voyage to Florida in time for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Prepped and equipped to cross the Atlantic, Book Ends is an exceptional yacht in both form and function. This boat, in particular, is known for its incredible reaction times, steering ability, and, of course, possesses the power necessary to cross the world’s second largest ocean with ease. This Dutch beauty possesses the tasteful elegance characteristic of designer Frank Laupman (of Omega Architects) and exhibits a sleek exterior that is sure to draw the attention of boating enthusiasts wherever she goes. Laupman has justifiably earned his reputation as a designer who can adopt a comprehensive vision for the boats he produces, and nowhere is such a reputation more obvious than in this beautiful vessel.

Her journey around the Mediterranean will begin in Gibraltar, and as the summer goes on, she will get to enjoy the beautiful sun-kissed region and witness the likes of Spain, France, Italy, and other destinations forming the perimeter of the sea. With a sea trial speed of 15.6 knots and a proven transatlantic cruising speed of 12 knots, Book Ends is uniquely faster than previous models.

Ultimately, the new owners of Book Ends have a lot to be excited about, both in the status quo and in the upcoming future. This impressively built, highly luxurious, and high performing beauty seems to have no functional limits when it comes to what she can do, and beginning with her transatlantic voyage and trip around the Mediterranean, this well-built yacht is one that will certainly be able to live up to its expectations. With two high-functioning MTU diesel engines, Book Ends is a very welcomed member into the rapidly growing Heesen fleet of boats, and she will compete to set the standard for vessels that are under 50m.