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Overmarine has spent a considerable amount of time developing its Maxi Open Mangusta fleet. The project has already produced several noteworthy yachts that meet the needs of most yacht-buyers. The latest in the Mangusta 165 series, however, stands out as the most impressive yacht to come from this long-term project.

On the 17th of November, Overmarine launched the 11th unit of its Mangusta 165 series. The 50-meter yacht draws inspiration from the latest in technology and aesthetics to offer a unique boat capable of reaching exciting speeds without compromising comfort. Unit no. 11 gets its speed from four 2600HP MTU 16V2000 M94 engines. Water jets for Rolls Royce/KameWa and stabilizers from Seakeeper make the unit feel safe at any speed.

Mangusta reports that unit no. 11 maintains the performance levels of previous ships in the 165 series. Unlike its older sisters, though, unit no. 11’s efficiency lets it reach these levels while consuming less power. The company sees this as an important technological development that will benefit yacht-lovers around the world.

Overmarine didn’t pour all of its resources into developing efficient technology, though. It also spent considerable time creating an exterior aesthetic that emphasizes muscular lines and a longer flybridge. The boat’s interior was created through a collaboration between the owner’s design team and Overmarine Group’s Artistic Office. Few things are known about the interior, but reports show that a single pane of glass in the salon lets natural light pour into the yacht while giving guests views to the interior and exterior areas.

Overmarine expects to deliver Mangusta 165 Number 11 to her owner at the beginning of 2017.