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Feadship has announced that it recently launched a 96-meter motor yacht named Vertigo on the 23rd of November. Vertigo represents a stunning achievement for this ambitious shipyard. The company faced several challenges while designing and constructing the yacht. Feadship not only managed to reach its goals but create a beautiful boat that will set a new standard in the yachting community.

Feadship’s engineers worked diligently to solve a structural problem caused by a large sea-level beach club that nearly doubles in size when the owner opens its side terraces and transom. Engineers had to keep their designs incredibly precise to accommodate the moving portions, especially since the beach club is located immediately below Vertigo’s pool. Few shipyards could even conceptualize ways to solve the issue, but Feadship pushed its technology as far as possible to reach its goal.

Vertigo isn’t all about engineering achievements. It’s a beautiful boat with sweeping hull lines, a swimming pool made of glass panels, and a stately owner’s deck. The yacht also manages to give guests the feeling of openness and connection to the sea. For instance, when standing in the beach club, the pool’s glass panels make it possible for guests to view the sun deck above. Other parts of the interior maintain this open aesthetic with floor-to-ceiling windows, decorative glass screens, and a floating staircase made of luxurious materials like blue leather, stainless steel, and textured stone.

Feadship has reached a lot of impressive accomplishments since its beginnings in the mid-1800s. Vertigo shows that the shipyard has not stopped innovating. To the contrary, Vertigo proves that the company is using its past successes to build an even more adventurous, beautiful future.