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Riva has been building yachts for more than 170 years, so fans expect a lot when the company launches a new model. The 100-foot Corsaro should satiate their desire for technological savvy and sophisticated design.

Riva built Corsaro with help from Officina Italiana and Ferretti Group. The level of experience shows. The ship has a sporty aesthetic, excellent safety features, and an elegant interior that offers guests the highest level of comfort.

Not many details are known about Corsaro’s look, but pictures show that it has an arrow-shaped profile that helps it glide through the water. Dark metallic colors and large sections of crystal glass stand out as the kind of features that buyers will adore. In fact, buyers already love Corsaro. Riva has already sold its entire 2017 production.

Riva expects to debut Corsaro in Hong Kong near the beginning of 2017. At that point, the public should have more information and images of this marvelous craft. Interestingly, this is the first time that the company has debuted one of its creations at a location outside of Europe, which shows that Riva is expanding its vision to reach travelers all over the world. Corsaro is the perfect yacht to meet that goal.