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Camino 34m Feadship superyacht

Build it and they will come sums up how the latest Feadship came to be. Feadship, long known for building massive state-of-the-art motor yachts took a client-first approach to the newest boat just launched, a 34-metre motor yacht that reinforces the brand’s celebrated ability to surprise and delight. Here is how things transpired. The client wanted a yacht that was smaller than the usual Feadship size in order to be able to access new markets where mooring facilities are restricted and facilitate cruising in shallower depths.

Feadship, ever ingenious, suggested that they could do the boat only if the client could bring two other buyers to the table which happened. Not only were the first three yachts contracted but two additional buyers stepped up making it a total of five brand new motor yacht’s that featured the largest window surface expressed as a percentage of the profile ever seen on a Feadship. In other words a stunning look from the outside in, and an even more stunning look from the inside out. To make the interior feel even more spacious Feadship, along with De Vooght Naval Architects, designed the saloon and dining areas to have 2.45-metre high headroom, something unprecedented in a luxury motor yacht. And even though this design is smaller by Feadship standards they have incorporated features found on the larger yachts such as a centralized air conditioning system and dry exhaust generators with catalytic exhaust filters.

Feadship has long led the way in high performance luxury motor yachts. This new Feadship is no different. By putting their clients first they have been able to leverage an opportunity for themselves that has been born from client loyalty over more than a century and a half of building quality yachts. This newest design will be capable of girdling the globe at speeds approaching 20 knots and here is a fun fact; Feadship stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders.