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Heesen Superyacht Sibelle

Heesen Yachts announced on March 20 that it has delivered Sibelle, a 50-meter motor yacht, to her owner. Heesen conducted seal trials in the North Sea during mid-February, when rough waters and high winds would have slowed a lesser yacht. The company found that Sibelle performed above contractual obligations even without using stabilizers.

Sibelle has several features that make her an impressive motor yacht the her owner will enjoy for years. At her cruising speed of 15.1 knots, she only burns 220 liters (58 gallons) of fuel per hour. When pushed to her top speed of 19 knots, she consumes 600 liters (158.5 gallons) per hour. This efficient fuel consumption makes Sibelle more eco-friendly and also increases her range so she can explore more of the world without worrying about filling up the tank.

Sibelle also has a unique exterior aesthetic that makes her an extremely attractive yacht. Working with representatives from Architectural Bureau A-B Studio, Frank Laupman of Omega architects created exterior lines that are simultaneously complex and simple. The team used an illusion to make all of the exterior lines look like they run parallel to each other. The contrasting bands and wraparound glass use small adjustments to trick the eye into seeing parallel lines. It's just one more feature that Heesen used to make Sibelle a unique yacht.

Heesen is committed to building fully customized yachts that meet the aesthetic and performance expectations of owners. With another success, Heesen can focus on upcoming projects that continue to push the boundaries of technology and style.