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Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Collection

The Spirit of Ecstasy statuette gracing the bonnet illustrates a preference for travel by motorcar. Not just any car, however. Rolls Royce motorcars are the choice of those who aspire to perfection, often receiving it in these exceptional vehicles. In accordance with founder Sir Henry Royce’s directive “to take the best that exists and make it better,” the engineering and design teams at Rolls Royce Motorcars have done just that.

The newest collection in the Phantom line to come out of Goodwood, England, the Limelight is focused on fame. The Limelight Collection, beautiful and discreet, truly understands the needs of the super-luxury motorcar customer. Named for the effect discovered by British scientist Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, as the spotlight lit up an actor on stage at London’s Covent Garden, the Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight directs attention to its passengers of privilege.


Exceeding expectation for the customer traveling on the global stage, the Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight Collection provides everything required by a lady or gentleman to prepare, relax, and arrive, stop after stop on a busy schedule, cocooned in absolute luxury with all the necessities at hand.

Rather than simply transporting a customer from destination to destination, the Limelight goes from moment to moment, underscoring the importance of preparation, guaranteeing composure at each stop. Within the luxurious confines of this fine motorcar, panniers in each door carefully arrange a selection of personal items, from perfume bottles and makeup to watches and eyeglass storage. Z-boxes, constructed of carbon fiber and milled aluminum, are covered in luxurious leather, standing ready to serve and refresh in preparation for the next appearance.

To enhance relaxation in between appointments, Rolls Royce engineers worked with medical professionals to design seating that reclines to the most restful angle. With a 27º upper body recline, a 68º calf riser, and a 30º footrest, Phantom Limelight seating provides ideal resting postures, assuring passengers a restful, relaxing ride.

Visually, the Phantom Limelight presents a stunning image. The Gala Blue exterior is accented with a silver hood, announcing arrival with the consummate statement of luxury. Employing a seashell interior with navy blue leather and seashell tone-on-tone stitching, intricate diamond-shaped embroidery appears on the central seat flutes, door cards, the rear console, and on the backs of the first-ever Phantom picnic tables. A dark reverse of the colors is also available, with emphasis on navy blue accented with seashell leather trim.

Additional visual beauty shows off the perfect workmanship of Rolls Royce woodworking craftsmen in the first two-veneer finish, appearing on door cappings. Visually pleasing as well as functional, the Limelight Bespoke clock is a beautifully balanced design, inspired by the Gala Blue exterior and echoing the luxurious diamond motif.

Handsome, nine-spoke alloy wheels capture the light, as does a seashell and navy blue coachline, painted by hand. Intended to suggest a three-dimensional diamond bracelet draped along the length of the body, the feature adds to the luxury and elegance of the collection.



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