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Boats for Sale Miami - NAVIS Miami OfficeNAVIS Yachts bring you extensive reviews of the most luxurious boats we have for sale in Miami, Florida. Images, videos, layouts, prices and more.

NAVIS Yachts offer you free support in the process of selecting and buying your next yacht. Our deep knowledge and experience in the luxury yachting industry will allow us to give you valuable advice and help you get the best deals on this luxurious boats for sale. We have fluent communication with the people directly inside the shipyards allowing us to give you a great advantage over any broker in the industry.

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Riva Aquariva: The Heir of a Legend

Let's leave something clear: this is not just another motor yacht where you would waste your time in, but a yacht that lords and worshipers would kill for. It's the evolved daughter of a legend, combined only with the best that modern technology and 168 years of expertis...

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Pershing 74 2014

The Pershing 74 comes as the evolution of the 72 and takes it to a new level, but still maintaining the fresh aesthetic trend so characteristic of the Pershing fleet.

This beautiful yacht has been skillfully designed by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with AYT, of the Ferretti Gr...

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Azimut 50 2014, space & style concept

The glass mirrored windows in the sparkling white deckhouse, plus the dazzling huge flybridge sheltering the yacht make this Stefano Righini's design a distinguished piece of art. Intended to be a smaller version of the Azimut 80, this 50-metre vessel able to reach...

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The Sunseeker crew has excelled itself once again; when we thought it wasn't possible they manage to launch a more spacious model in the Manhattan collection: the Manhattan 73, the grandest of this flybridge range. This three-level, 73 foot length vessel, with its new hull design, will astonish you. Its volume incre...

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Sunseeker San remo 45. Awarded the 2014 Best Sportcruiser

When searching for your own private sanctuary, a place where to escape leaving all preoccupations behind, this new Sunseeker model, the San Remo is ideal for you! To enjoy a family weekend, a get away with friends, or even to spend a day by yourself...

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Sunseeker Portofino 40. A jewel in every aspect.

As an only child, the Portofino 40 is the conceited unique exemplar of the Sunseeker Portofino's collection. 12.9 metres long, the portofino is ready to offer a pleasurable and unforgettable experience, as well as a bold journey thanks to its Volvo Penta D6-...

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Sunseeker Manhattan 55. A Royal Boat

For being the first model of its collection, the Manhattan 55 is anything but modest. As shocking inaugurations, this boasting yacht begins the Sunseeker Manhattan range in grand style, as if the objective was to make crystal clear that any trace of little vessels has d...

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Sunseeker Manhattan 63. Luxury in every detail.

The Manhattan 63 forms part of one of sunseeker's most, if not the most, versatile line of motor yachts. As an upgrade of the Manhattan 60, this time the Sunseeker crew has outdone itself by adding those extra three foot and accomplishing the precise balance ...

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