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Pershing 74 2014

The Pershing 74 comes as the evolution of the 72 and takes it to a new level, but still maintaining the fresh aesthetic trend so characteristic of the Pershing fleet.

This beautiful yacht has been skillfully designed by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with AYT, of the Ferretti Group, and the team of architects and designers of Centro Stile Ferretti Group. Consequently, technological innovation and design defines this 22 meter long vessel, but still conserving the traditional line for which Pershing is recognized. Its strong characters and profile make heads turn around, establishing it as the one to be.


The exteriors in the new Pershing 74:

Preserving its modern, outstanding metallic silver reverse transom and topsides one can easily distinguish it to be a Pershing at a distance; but what differentiate it from its predecessor and other models at first sight is its sleeker external profile due to the original lateral windows and its elongated superstructure.

What really characterize this exceptional new model of Pershing are its open features that ensure direct contact with sea, so you can take the most advantage of your escape to nature. For starters, in the aft stern of the main level there is a wide sun deck with an electro-hydraulic platform so you can enjoy of a refreshing dip in the water and the heat of the sun. Interesting enough this sun deck is conjoined to the main saloon by a foldaway door between the cockpit and the living room which enables exterior and interior to combine by creating a single space and therefore maximizing the use of it. In the extreme opposite, in the bow, you will find a comfortable sun pad ideal for you to rest and, in the meanwhile, get a nice tan.


The Upper Level:

Furthermore, this motoryacht comes with a second sun deck placed in the upper level of the boat and this, differing from general assumption, does not affect the general aesthetic of this vessel; for instance the stairway to the bridge comes down from the overhead when needed so space is not compromised and neither is the external style. As you can see, technology is the main protagonist of Pershing 74', establishing it as the epitome of modernity. The upper sun deck counts with four seats which come with a little surprise: the seats port and starboard of the helm can open up to transform into lounges.

Up here you can also have an optional secondary helm console with pretty much the same characteristics that the main one. You won't have to worry about its maintenance since all the upholstery is SilverTex-vinyl and therefore weather resistant. Besides to improve even more its functionality, keeping in line with the technological predominance of this Pershing 74, the entire control station retracts when not in use.


The interior design, in order to maintain the greatness of Pershing models in general, was designed with the collaboration of the prestigious brand Poltrona Frau which adds style and elegance by the introduction of high quality furnishings and finishing, such as leather seats and ceilings, but still taking into account functionality.

As stated previously, the saloon and cockpit are merge with the outside creating the possibility of transforming two spaces in a single one. The saloon consists of two seating areas, one inside and another one outside.

Already having covered the exterior part, on the inside there is a large L-shaped settee with a beautiful wooden table in middle. Forwardly it's situated the cockpit with the main helm console; to the port is the companionway to the cabins and, in opposition, to starboard is the "hidden galley".


Pershing 74, the cabins:

Pershing 74' luxury yacht counts with space to accommodate up to eight people, counting two crew men. The yacht counts with a master cabin, a VIP cabin, a guest room and a crew room. This layout below deck intends to maximize space and comfort in the on board living. Needless is to say that decoration, materials and furnishing comes also of the hand of Poltrona Frau and intensifies the style and look of each particular room so your stay in Pershing 74' feels royal.

The full-beam master room is fully equipped and accomplished so you can be able to relax after an intense day in the sun. What instantly catches the eye of this peculiar room are the large hull-side windows to either side that offer a sublime spectacle of sea. Technology reaches down here as well: both sheer and blackout screens are electrically activated. To increase the level of comfort there is a leather sofa and a vanity together with a 40" LED TV. To take further advantage of space and maximize it there is a step-in closet. Of course, this master room comes en suite with a spacious and complete toilette, which comes with a separate shower compartment with a tempered glass door and all the amenities necessary.

The VIP room and the guest room also come with luxurious accommodations; the only difference is that the guest cabin consists of two separate beds while the VIP room is a double bed. Space is scarcely diminished, but still maintaining comfort as a top priority. Both are also en suite with a shower that is a laminate surround.

In the three rooms below deck, as in all the structure, the paneled ceiling is covered with a vinyl fabric so, as you can see, attention to details and a perfect finishing is of crucial importance for the Pershing team.

The crew quarters come with sleeping and private galley accommodations. The galley counts with a burner stove, a 37L refrigerator, and microwave oven. On the other hand, the cabin features two separate beds, one of each consists of a Pullman style berth, and there is also a private crew bathroom.


Pershing Helm Station and Technical Specifications:

Now going up again, the helm station is a rather comfortable space with all the equipment needed to handle such a powerful yacht. Mainly the handling of this vessel lays on a joystick to direct the ZF SeaRex surface drives, which demonstrates that the impracticality that seems at first sight is not such and has a perfect explanation for the distribution of the elements; for instance the fact that the controls are between both seats (captain and co-pilot one) and the wheel is distant from these, so from seated you aren't available to reach it.

This potent boat sails on the base of two MTU Common Rail engines of 1950 hp with Searex propulsion and high performing Rolla surface piercing propellers, enabling it to reach a maximum speed of 44 humble knots and a cruising one of 40 knots.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the engine room and mechanical aspects since by belonging to the Ferretti Group it leaves us no doubts about its systems installations; they really stand up to their well-known reputation.



This fast, strong, handsome sportyacht is everything you need and more for a brief (or not so brief) getaway, able to enjoy nature in all its luxury and adventure. The intense luminosity, its strong character, spacious volumes, and impeccable performance are what defines Pershing Yachts and especially this particular one: the sublime Pershing 74'.



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