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Riva Aquariva: The Heir of a Legend

Let's leave something clear: this is not just another motor yacht where you would waste your time in, but a yacht that lords and worshipers would kill for. It's the evolved daughter of a legend, combined only with the best that modern technology and 168 years of expertise can achieve. Born and raised by the hand of Riva's designers, Aquariva is the blossom of a story of excellence, style and glamour. Worthy of royalty and celebrities, Sophia Loren, the Shah of Persia, Elizabeth Taylor and even the one who got into the skin of the first and legendary James Bond, Sean Connery, have got a Riva of their own. So if you are looking not just for a motoryacht but for something that stands out, this is the one for you.

Aquarama's heiress

In the own words of the italian brand, Aquariva is the model that more than anyone else reflects Riva's natural stylistic evolution from the past to modern times. Main reasons? Simple. Just to begin with, Aquariva design follows the same standards that Carlo Riva printed to the brand in the 1950's, standards that made Riva world famous for its stylish lines and sleek appeal. For the mentioned, Aquariva keeps the same charming glam of one of the most legendary models Riva has ever made, Aquarama. This first princess of the brand, discontinued in 1996 and straight forerunner of our new queen, didn't go unnoticed by the kings and famous people of the time and is still sold as restored models among collectors and yachts' devotees at very high prices. Another fact in Aquariva manufacturing, is that it's built in the very same shipyard Pietro Riva founded in 1842. Therefore, it's not weird that Aquariva so successfully achieves the perfection and arrogance of every Riva's creation, as it's construction it's at the very heart of Riva and its designers have definitely known how to keep the magic alive on board of this true symbol of Riva's spirit.


Riva Boats. Three royal choices

As every blockbuster, Aquariva hasn't just stayed with part one, but two more versions are available on the market to pamper every whimsical yacht lover that's able to afford it.

The first model released to market was the Standard Aquariva Super. This glamorous 33 footer yacht is the most similar to its forerunner Aquarama, except by the hull material, which is fiberglass composite instead of mahogany. Nevertheless, the deck it's mahogany inlaid with maple finished with twenty varnish coats, providing that polished brown look that caught the eye in Aquarama and that successfully catches the eye here too.

In the cockpit the layout consists of a u-shaped light-cream lounge with leather finishings and a little table to leave drinks and snacks, plus the helm area with a single seat for the captain. With every fitting made in stainless steel, the final silver sparkle is added to the whole color combination: polished black and dark brown on the hull and the deck, plus the light-cream hue of the cockpit, reaching in this way the top of classic style and elegance.
As a speed performer and thanks to its two 380 Hp Yanmar engines linked to two-speed electronic gearboxes, Aquariva cruising speed it's 36 knots and it's able to achieve the wild amount of 41, strenuously challenging any rival at speed category with good chances of success. Below the deck and regarding accommodation, there's one cabin with two berths and a toilet.

It's known that a blockbuster never ends after single movie, and so has happened with our first queen, in whom no one less than Gucci and the australian famous designer, Marc Newson, put their eye on. They both are very similar to the standard edition regarding power and engines, differentiating mainly in colors and details.

The Aquariva Gucci stands out for its white hull with a green crystal windshield and red tonalities, recalling Gucci's brand colors: red-green-red, as well as by its Gucci fabrics, of course. The master behind this design is Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director, for Gucci's 90th anniversary celebration in 2011. Unique and original, this version is ready to indulge whomever you take on board, as it meets the top of sleek and glam requirements of this yacht category. It's available only upon request as it's built to order.

The third version is the Marc Newson's edition. The most remarkable of it is the cutting-edge materials he used for the deck and hull instead of the varnished timber. This is phenolic composite which its main advantage is that it's more durable than wood, besides it gives the yacht a more sporty and fresh look. Another big modification has been done in the helm area, where he added a helm and passengers seats. The U-shaped lounge is also rather more squared than the one used in the other versions. As a whole, this edition changes the classic style to a more modern kind of design, being a choice for those who want to differ from tradition.



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