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Soto Acebal Naval Architects work in the design of sail and power boats with a brilliant service that meets and exceeds the expectations of people using them. The company's mission is to satisfy the client's expectations and requirements. In order to maintain the high design standard they have, the office has a non-stop program of investment, research and development. Javier Soto Acebal is the president and founder of the company and Alejandro Bottino is his partner.

Javier Soto was born in 1959 in Argentina. He studied engineering at the University of Buenos Aires and has a Postgraduate Computer Degree with orientation in CAD, QBasic programs, and 3D CAD drafting applied to hull lines.

Soto started working in 1986 at Estudio Mart’_n Billoch. During that period, he worked with Micro and Quarter Tonners designs, which won many local regattas. He also designed a 16' Catamaran, 2B' Loa cruising sloop and a Daysailer. From 1987 to march 1998, he worked at Estudio Germ’çn Frers. Later on, in 1993, Soto began working at the National University of Quilmes as a professor of Sailing Yachts Hydrodynamics and Sailing Yacht Design. He also designed a 2G' LOA racing sloop for the University which was constructed and sailed by students. In 1995, his students won the Argentine IMS Championship.

His partner, Alejandro Bottino, was born in 1975 in Argentina. He went to the Technical College ENET NÎ_1 San Fernando and graduated in 1994 as Marine Constructor. Bottino went to the same university as Soto, and is also a Marine and Mechanical Engineer. Bottino has experience in computer aided design.


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