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Judel/Vrolijk was founded in 1978 by Rolf E. Vrolijk and Fietje Judel in Hamburg. The company is famous worldwide and offers high-calibre design of sailing yachts. Rolf Vrolijk was born in 1948 in the Netherlands and also studied Naval Architecture at the University of Delft. He won in 2003 the America's Cup with Team Alinghi as Chief Designer. This was the first time the America's Cup was won in Europe.

Torsten Conradi was born in 1956 and studied Naval Architecture in Hannover und Hamburg. Then, he did 5 years of research in the area of Aero-and-Hydrodynamics of yachts. In 1986 he joined Judel/Vrolijk & co, as the third partner. Today he is the president of the DBSV, Chairman of the yacht committee of Germanischer Lloyd and member of the technical advisory body. Torsten's passions are racing and cruising.

Judel/Vrolijk's mission is to create an excellent engineering design and a detailed exterior design. To achieve this, the company has hired the best engineers and designers. The team is conformed by 15 people.

The company is a specialist in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. They use cutting-edge IT technology to calculate, stimulate and implement its creative ideas.


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