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Luca Brenta & C. was founded by Luca Brenta and Lorenzo Argento Laurenti. Luca Brenta began sailing in his family boat at the age of 5. His father passed to him the passion for design and helped him in his first design experiences.

Luca moved to Liguria to build his first boat and then went back to Milan to open his own design studio. He received an award in 1989 for Wallygator, a superyacht which was a joint design with Luca Bassani and Sangermani, who was in charge of the construction. Wallygator was an example of Luca's vision for light performance.

Luca Brenta is involved in every project and has made many important technical innovations such as low draft dagger-board keel, a hidden anchor locker, the propeller solution and the ShalterÎÂ, among others.

Lorenzo Argento Laurenti began sailing at the age of 12. He graduated in Yacht & Boat Design at Southampton College. After that, he went to work for SP technologies for 1 year. He returned to Italy and founded a studio with Luca. His first project in the office was 'Marisa', a two ton admiral's cupper. Since then, Lorenzo Argento has been involved in every project from architecture styling to structural work.


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