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Mulder Design was founded in 1979 by Frank Mulder. His company is well-known for its semi-displacement and displacement luxury yachts, and the launch of the now famous high-speed yachts Octopussy, Moonraker, and The World Is Not Enough. Although Frank Mulder started designing mostly commercial vessels, he has become a respected name in high-profile yacht design over the years.

Bas Mulder is Frank's son, and joined the company in 2000, after graduating in Naval Architecture from the same university as his father. In 2009, Frank's older son, Mike Mulder, joined the team after a career in the charter business. Since then, Mulder Design has turned into a real family business. The whole team is formed by 9 professionals in the engineering and naval architecture areas, each with their own specialty, forming a trustworthy work force to make it all possible.

Mulder Design has its independent studio in the Netherlands and specializes in the design of custom and semi-custom superyachts. They also work in close cooperation with shipyards or investors on the design and engineering for large and small series of production yachts.

Mulder's Design philosophy follows the principle that a custom-designed yacht must be a reflection of the owner's personality and lifestyle. To accomplish this goal, the owner is encouraged to be involved in the whole design process, since the preliminary design throughout the complete working out of the final design and build supervision.


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