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Officina Italiana was founded in 1994 by Mauro Micheli, head designer, and Sergio Beretta, CEO of the company. They have worked with Riva, another well-known, highly esteemed and famous shipyard, for more than twenty years. All of Riva's internal and external design productions are today part of Officina Italiana collection.

The main principle of Officina Italiana Design is the idea of excellence in all areas, both in and out of the water, for industrial and interior design and custom projects. Their yachts are designed in such a way that the main objective is its durability. Still, the design is important and each craft is classic, modern, with clean lines, but not futuristic. The Officina Italiana design team has professionals who work hard and give special attention to every detail and choice of material and colours.

OID has over twenty years of experience and uses the latest technology to develop new, modern and splendid superyachts. They have three areas of expertise which are: Industrial design, interior design and custom projects. They cautiously plan and follow each phase and stage involved in the building of a superyacht.

Apart from Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, the Officina Italiana design team is composed by: Alberto Stella (chief interior project director), Daria Giovenzana (project designer), Alessandro Lottici (exterior project designer), David Obendorfer (exterior project designer) and Valentina Varinelli (assistant manager).


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