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Giovanni Zuccon and Paola Galeazzi founded an architectural studio called Zuccon. Now, the company has become the best in civil architecture, marine engineering and industrial design. They have become experts in pleasure boating (yachting) as well as residential, commercial and industrial building including technological research. In 1984, they changed the company's name to Zuccon International Project SRL.

Giovanni Zuccon graduated as an Architect and is Associate professor in Industrial Design at the "Ludovico Quaroni" Faculty of Architecture at the "La Sapienza" University in Rome. He is the mastermind behind every project and takes care of every detail. Giovanni himself assists the clients.

Paola Galeazzi and her husband are behind every decision the studio takes. Due to Paola's vast experience with composites and mould, she has been in charge of the three-dimensional forming of all yachts for many years.

Zuccon International Project's strength lies in its multidisciplinary skills. They believe that the architect must be humble and their goal is to create something that resembles what the client wants. Zuccon International Project considers that design plays a significant role in seeking and maintaining the corporate identity, which is not presented as an esthetic embellishment, but as an important force capable of arranging all the other elements contributing to the design, structure and the realization of a product.


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