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Dykstra Naval Architects was founded in 1969 by Gerard Dijkstra and has become a major specialist in design, re-design, naval architecture and marine engineering of classic and modern performance yachts. Dykstra's expert team members are passionate sailors with lots of experience on different types of yachts, including their own designs and redesigns such as Athena, Adix, Adela, Stad Amsterdam, Maltese Falcon and Meteor.

The company offers preliminary designs and concept design for pleasure and commercially operated yachts. Dykstra Naval Architects are experts in rigs, spars and structural analysis, using an in-house developed software and first hand practical experience. Dykstra offers arrangements and space allocation for interiors, styling and detailing.

Gerard Dijkstra & Partners hold a vast database with designs that have proven to be a success - these designs can be used as a base or an example for a new design. Their work includes ratio studies, weight budget calculations and specifications. Dykstra Naval Architects' team has professionals with great experience in extensive cruising and racing, that's why they have a special interest for sail plans, deck plans and sail handling systems. Sail plans are analyzed with in-house developed software.

Dijkstra also offers support of yards, lines plans, computer-lofting and fairing. They use the latest technologies of art software and surface design programs. Output can be in any format: suitable for drawings, 3D rendering, full scale plots or for processing by manufacturers of hull plating packages.

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