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Christian Grande presents the Acapulco 55 yacht design

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This 55 meter superyacht was created by designer Christian Grande; with its muscular and tight lines, it's ready for an owner with an earnest desire for speed and the strong sensations this mega yacht will bring.

Acapulco 55: Concept

The bow of this powerful and dynamic yacht design appears to be ready to leap like a graceful feline to attack its prey. The sportive nature of the yacht's hull is underlined by its black colored amidships, which also evoke a race car's dynamic style.

The clean yet refined structure is free from unnecessary elements and shows the luxury yacht's automotive DNA, a vow to aerodynamics. Special flush housings hide the bow anchors completely to keep the freeboard clean and aerodynamic.

There is a vertical element that merges into the deck as it moves aft, which helps the upper and lower decks to be harmoniously joined. A panoramic window, with its original shape, has no contact with the foredeck and allows the navigation area elements to be free standing.

The hull's rectangular windows seem to stray from the superyacht's particular geometry, but help favor light in the below-deck cabins while keeping the portholes respectful of maritime tradition.

Christian Grande continues to show his innovative style with an unusual stylistic solution in the passage from the main deck to the sun deck. Last century's ships, all with their enormous funnels, are paid tribute in the Acapulco 55 with a rigid black skeleton surrounded by leather-like soft white skin. This is the area that leads to the sun deck, designed as an attic terrace with a bar and a shower for relaxed sunbathing.

The foredeck strays from traditional luxury yacht design. The deck has high levels of freedom of movement and turns into a recreational space and the center of social life on board of this mega yacht, providing a friendly yet elegant atmosphere. The swimming pool in the foredeck makes it a perfect place to have fun while being completely yielded from curious eyes.


Acapulco 55: Interiors

The rich finishings of the below-deck environments are created to be shared. The elegant twin staircase implies spatial complexity for the areas that lead to the owner's cabin. Maximum visual impact is achieved by every single lavishly finished detail. The combination of faceted colors and contrasting materials - clear matte elm flooring, dark shiny surfaces and intermediate bronze toned ceilings - allows to move light at different speeds. The long voyage feel of this superyacht is achieved by the round fittings and handles, which also allude to old steamer trunks.


Brief Data Sheet

Length Over All: 56 m

Beam: 10 m

Drive: Hydrojet

Propulsion: Proposal A - (2 x 2400 cv) + (1 x 4000 cv)

Proposal B - 3 x 2600 cv

Cruising speed: 28 knots

Maximum speed: 32 knots

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