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Comanche, built to be the fastest

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Comanche is a majestic 100-foot carbon superyacht, designed by Hodgdon specifically for races. Hodgdon earned the reputation of "heirloom boar" for more than extraordinary looks and this awesome race vessel will prove it in short when she visit Sydney, Australia.

Although the data of Comanche's performance is being kept under wraps, racing skipper Ken Read has been seen wearing a big smile lately, so we may figure out that this amazing superyacht is already starting to deliver impressive performances.


This luxury yacht Comanche is constructed with aerospace technology that comprises the usage of pre-impregnated composite fibers. With black and red paint, this amazing vessel features an impressive beam of 30 feet. One of the most extraordinary attributes that will make the boat look unique is where the sail is located, due it is near the back of the hull so it gives a completely different look compared to the other boats

Although building this kind of vessel takes about two years, Hodgdon set a crew of about 60 people that helped completing the build in approximately one. About 30 to 40 workers from Hodgdon Yachts, 10 from Maine-based construction company Ciandro, and 20 from NewCube worked on the build. That crew completed the build of the boat's hull at the Hodgdon Yachts facility in Boothbay, but the construction of the mast and keel were outsourced to companies in New Zeland and Italy respectively.

The 100 ft pre-preg carbon racing wonder was launched at Hodgdon's shipyard in east boothbay, Maine, just a few weeks ago. With Comanche now officially on the way to Sidney, Hodgdon CEO Tim said "all of us at Hodgdon are proud to have been associated with this important build, and we wish Jim, Kristy, Kenny and the entire crew all the best for Sydney-Hobart regatta and all of their racing ventures.

The Sydeney-Hobart regatta is the first Oceanic race in Australia and is about 630 nautical miles (1167km) of cruising. This classic anual event from the Yacht Club is a great exponent of the cruising world and on December 26th is expecting to receive Comanche with lots of hopes on the results expected.

Comanche is the perfect balance of well design and aesthetics with practical issues of engineering and performance. It was born to race and make a difference in this course.

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