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The Riva Iseo, a perfect blend of history and innovation

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The Riva Iseo, a 27 foot runabout, is destined to become a must-have for those who love cruising on both lakes and the sea, and, most importantly, design enthusiasts. She is also perfect for anyone wishing to enhance their yacht with an exclusive tender that will never go unnoticed.

The new Riva Iseo is an important innovation for the celebrated nautical brand due to its size and design elements. Fruit of the working relationship between Officina Italiana Design, exclusive designers of the entire Riva range, AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology, the Ferretti Group's naval research and design centre, and the team of architects and designers at Centro Stile Ferrettigroup. The new model has been devised so owners can 'live' their yacht wherever they wish; for this reason the standard version of the Riva Iseo has her own custom-made car-trailer, allowing easy transportation wherever the owner wishes to go.

In just 27 feet one can enjoy the perfection and style that has made Riva a true icon of timeless glamour and elegance. Soft, clean-cut lines, thorough space-planning, careful and indeed unique attention to detail and the use of highly sophisticated materials are the distinctive characteristics which make the new Riva Iseo the noble heiress to a centuries-old history of excellence and craftsmanship. This bond with the past is also evident in the extensive use of mahogany throughout the boat, symbol of the Riva brand, skilfully crafted and covered in a twenty coat varnish finish - ten by brushing, ten by spraying.

The value of the new Riva model is also accentuated by her furnishings: indeed, the optional version of the Riva Iseo will be available with a sundeck, sofas, dashboard and driving seat all branded Poltrona Frau/.

Riva Iseo values the surrounding environment and is an innovative option suitable for day cruising in waters with high environmental value. The yacht will also be available in a hybrid engine version with the ZEM (Zero Emission Mode) cruising option, Ferretti Group's revolutionary cruising mode system, particularly suitable for lakes, especially where normal boating is forbidden. The 'Hybrid Propulsion ZEM' version, with hybrid propulsion and Zero Emission, will not compromise speed using high powered diesel propulsion, combined with the electric one. And not only: Riva Iseo is equipped with stern drive making her highly reactive and enhancing driving this yacht. Moreover, the Iseo can be fitted with a 3hp bow propeller in order to facilitate manoeuvres and mooring.

Due to her ease of manoeuvrability and size, Riva Iseo is also ideal as a tender for large yachts. Innovative and elegant, she can guarantee comfort in bad weather conditions, too. Besides the electrohydraulic bimini top, the Iseo was designed with a waterproof, automobile-style soft top which protects those on board against water and the wind during cruising, too.

Besides responding to an increasing demand for on-board infotainment, Riva Iseo is also the very first yacht of its kind to be equipped with both infotainment and GPS charts built for the Apple platform for iPad. This software has been specifically designed for Riva Iseo and also features a number of interesting applications, such as browsing the Riva Iseo owner manual, viewing the weather forecast and other information, as well as listening to live stream radio, TV or one's own playlists with high quality sound.


1 * Yanmar 6BY2 260 - power 260 mhp / 191 kW at 4000 rpm + stern drive Yanmar ZT 370 duoprop

1 * Yanmar 8LV 320 - power 320 mhp / 235 kW at 3800 rpm + stern drive Yanmar ZT 370 duoprop

1 * Mercruiser 377 MAG DTS 320 V8 - power 320 mhp / 235 kW at 4800 rpm + stern drive Bravo III


SPEED (knots)

Maximum speed:          Yanmar 260: 36 - Yanmar 320: 40 - Mercruiser 320: 41

Cruising speed:            Yanmar 260: 30 - Yanmar 320: 35 - Mercruiser 320: 35


RANGE (nautical miles)

Maximum speed:          Yanmar 260: 205 - Yanmar 320: 200 - Mercruiser 320: 160

Cruising speed:            Yanmar 260: 250 - Yanmar 320: 210 - Mercruiser 320: 180



Loa = overall length (standard ISO 8666)           8,24 m. - 27 ft. 0 in.

Lh = Hull length (standard ISO 8666)     8,21 m. - 26 ft. 11 in.

Lwl = waterline length (boat fully laden) 7,08 m. - 23 ft. 3 in.

Maximum beam            2,50 m. - 8 ft. 2 in.

Depth under propellers (boat fully laden)           0,96 m. - 3 ft. 2 in.

Displacement unladen   2,86 ton. / lb. 6305

Displacement laden      3,75 ton. / lb. 8272

Maximum number of persons on board 6

Navigation category CE 2003/44           B

Certification modules    B + C RINA S.p.A.



Hull type:          15° deadrise warped hull with spray rails

H = Overall height from keel to windscreen        1,96 m. - 6 ft. 5 in.

Ht = Minimum transport height from keel           1,96 m. - 6 ft. 5 in.

P = pulpit         0,03 m. - 0 ft. 1 in.

Fuel tank capacity:        330 lt. / USgals. 87

Water tanks capacity:    84 lt. / USgals. 22



The performance is estimated at the following conditions:         3,18 ton. / lb. 7012

standard version displacement of the yacht at 1/3 of load, clean hull, 25°C air temperature good weather conditions, 2 persons on board.

overloading the yacht by:         0,25 ton. / lb. 551

top speed decreases of:          1 knot

Riva Yachts

Building on a legend

1842. Lake d’Iseo. A sudden storm wreaks what appears to be irreparable havoc: damaged boats, disheartened fishermen with no means with which to work. But a skilled young carpenter, newly arrived in the area from Laglio on Lake Como, accomplishes a miracle, managing to repair most of the boats, earning himself the esteem and admiration of the people of the town.

This is how the Riva story began - from a man who became the master of his own destiny. The skilled carpenter was Pietro Riva, who had just arrived in Sarnico. Pietro opened his shipyard here, where it all began. This is where the very first Riva creations were built, yachts like nobody had ever seen before. Riva quickly became a well-known, highly esteemed company and the shipyard’s work continued to prosper under the management of Ernesto Riva, who succeeded his father. Ernesto introduced technical innovations which raised the quality of what was still artisan production.

He was also the person whose intuition led him to fit internal-combustion engines on the yachts. This was the period during which Riva produced large boats for transporting people and goods over the lake.

After the Great War, Serafino Riva made his mark on how the company would continue to be organised, transforming the shipyard’s esteemed products into a true brand, one which would go down in history. Resolutely putting the tiller hard over, production veered away from transportation towards motorboating, still at its very beginnings at that time. Spanning the 20s and 30s, the Riva family broke a number of records, winning several victories with its speedboats too, in both national and international competitions.

The 50s were Carlo Riva’s years, and those of pleasure boating, of the brand which had become a synonym for elegance, status and perfection. Materials chosen only from the very best available, painstaking care taken over detail, decades worth of artisan experience. Riva creations are an object of desire for kings and queens from all countries, as well as actors and actresses, sports champions, businesspeople and celebrities of all kinds. Still today, these jewels hold the glamour of that time in the past, with its paparazzi, scarved, sunglassed divas, romantic escapades on the water, cover love affairs, timeless luxury and elegance. Because Riva is passion and creation. As it was yesterday, it will be forever.

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